Cleveland Cavaliers 2010-11 Season Review: Manny Harris, "Harry Potter 8"

Benjamin Flack@@ClevelandFlackSenior Analyst IJuly 27, 2011

Writer's Note: This is part nine of a 15-part series where I review the 2010-11 season of each of the Cavaliers players. Each player will be titled with one of this summer's movies for a little added fun. I couldn't think of any better order to do this so I'm going alphabetically. Today: Manny Harris. Up Next: Ryan Hollins

Manny Harris was, at times, one of nicest surprises on a Cavaliers team last year that had very few bright spots.

I was pleasantly surprised when Harris was named to the Cavs summer league team after going undrafted. I thought that he should have been drafted by someone after having a pretty good college career at the University of Michigan.

Harris impressed during summer league and beat out Danny Green (who was actually drafted by the Cavs the previous summer 46th overall) for one of the final roster spots.

He played sparingly for the first several months until catching on with more consistent minutes in December and then through the remainder of the season.

Overall, Harris played in 52 games, starting 15, averaging 5.9 points on .374 shooting in 17.3 minutes with a 10.49 PER. Okay, now here is the part of the article where I admit (as is custom with Cavs players this year) that these stats are nothing special.

However, the fact of the matter is that Harris probably did more last year as an undrafted free agent than most drafted rookies do in their first year in the association.

I can't tell you if Manny Harris is going to be rotational player in the NBA going forward, or that he'll even make the team next season (if there is a next season).

What I can tell you is that Harris is a player who works hard and plays within the confines of his game. As a 6'5" combo guard he certainly has the look and physical abilities to stick as a third or fourth guard.

His shooting isn't bad either, hitting at a .370 three point percentage, good for third best on the team.

The unfortunate fact is that not many undrafted players last very long in the league. And Harris' "good" play may have only been a bi-product of the fact that he was on one the worst teams in the NBA. It's a lot easier to look good on a bad team than it is to look good on a good team. Just ask Chris Bosh.

I would love to see Harris stick with the team and be a part of the future. Time will tell if he's up to it.

So why "Harry Potter"?

I really have no reason. There's almost no correlation at all. I could claim that Harris bears some resemblance to Alfie Enoch, the actor who plays Dean Thomas—a rather incidental character. But even then he's only one of maybe two or three black characters in the whole Harry Potter series. So that would probably be profiling or something like that.

But the real reason is that when I can't come up with a movie to attach to a player I fall back on my one rule and just pick one of the summer's biggest movies that I haven't used yet.

And Harry Potter certainly fits the bill as a "big summer movie" as it was only the highest grossing movie for an opening weekend ever.

And I'm also a bit of a Harry Potter fan...but we won't dwell on the obvious fact that I'm a bit of a nerd.

I'll just leave you with an interesting fact. Did you know that Manny's real name is Corperryale L'Adorable Harris?

Me neither.

And I agree...we should just stick with calling him "Manny."


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