NBA Trade Rumors: Why Top 10 Rumored Players Deserve To Be Dealt

Andy BaileyFeatured ColumnistJuly 25, 2011

NBA Trade Rumors: Why Top 10 Rumored Players Deserve To Be Dealt

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    Now that the NFL lockout is over, the NBA is on deck.  The issues that the basketball guys have to deal with are a lot more complex than the ones the football guys had.  For that reason, it's hard to imagine an agreement being reached before regular-season games are lost.

    The longer the lockout lasts, the more furious the transaction period may be once it's over.  As soon as teams are able to make trades, we could see some big names on the move.

    Here are 10 guys who deserve to be dealt for one reason or another (and of course, the reasons)...

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Steve Nash

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    Why: One Last Shot at a Title

    Steve Nash brought a level of excitement to the Suns that was unrivaled throughout the league during his time in Phoenix.

    He's led the league in assists in five out of his seven seasons as a Sun, but the high-octane offense was never accompanied by decent defense.

    There's very little chance that Nash will win a title with Phoenix.  The Suns needs to trade him to a contender so they can officially kick off their much-needed rebuilding.

Monta Ellis

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    Why: He and Stephen Curry are Too Similar

    I know I'll have a lot of Golden State fans against me on this, but the styles of Curry and Ellis just aren't jelling.  They need a bigger 2-guard who can bring some defensive stability to the team.

    Offensively, Ellis could be a go-to guy on almost any team in the league.  Philadelphia needs one of those.  Andre Iguodala for Ellis still makes more sense than any other rumor out there to me.

Andre Iguodala

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    Why: Philly Has Toyed with Him for Too Long

    Andre Iguodala has been the subject of countless trade rumors for over a year now.  He deserves to be with an organization that will bring some stability to his career and put his unique point-forward skill set to use.

Dwight Howard

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    Why: Orlando Acquired Hedo Turkoglu and Gilbert Arenas To Help Him Win a Title

    Lately, we've seen a trend develop in the NBA where teams try to appease their stars (and convince them to stay in town) by bulking up their supporting cast through trades and free-agent signings.

    It didn't work for Cleveland or Denver with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, respectively, and those teams actually brought in good players to keep their stars happy.

    Orlando brought in Turkoglu and Arenas—two guys who passed their primes years ago.

Josh Smith

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    Why: Atlanta Needs a Shakeup

    The Hawks enter every season as a young team with intriguing talent, always looking to take the next step toward becoming legitimate contenders.  It's starting to look like this bunch will never be much more than a No. 4 or No. 5 seed that can possibly win a first-round series.

    They need to mix things up a bit, and Josh Smith is clearly their best trade asset.

Antawn Jamison

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    Why: Deserves To Play for a Contender

    Antawn Jamison has had an extremely successful career, averaging 19.7 points and eight rebounds a game over 13 seasons.

    Unfortunately, he was traded to the Cavaliers right before LeBron ditched the team.  He could be a nice offensive boost off the bench for a number of contending teams (and he's on an expiring contract).

Richard Hamilton

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    Why: Things Have Turned Sour in Detroit

    Once upon a time, Richard Hamilton was a key piece and the leading scorer of a Detroit Pistons team that competed for Eastern Conference championships every year.

    The team's culture of winning has completely dissolved, yet Hamilton's fat contract remains intact.  Detroit really needs to restart and moving Hamilton would help do that.

Paul Millsap

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    Why: He Deserves To Start

    Although he may be a bit undersized, Paul Millsap is clearly a starting-caliber power forward.  While sharing the frontcourt with Al Jefferson last year, Millsap averaged 17.3 points and 7.6 rebounds a game.

    With Enes Kanter, Derrick Favors and Jefferson on the roster, it looks as though Millsap will once again return to Utah's bench.  Any team in need of a power forward would be lucky to acquire this guy.

Chris Paul

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    Why: The Hornets Don't Need To Be Taken Hostage

    New Orleans needs to get the best deal it can for Chris Paul before he acquires all the power, the way LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony did with their respective teams.

    If Chris Paul wants out, there's no use trying to convince him to stay.  The Hornets should deal him and try to get as many young players and draft picks as they can.

Derrick Williams/Michael Beasley/Anthony Randolph

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    Why: Too Many Power Forwards

    Who would've thought the Timberwolves would have too many power forwards after David Kahn drafted three point guards in the first round of the 2009 NBA draft?  I'm not sure anyone knows how Kahn pulls off what he does.

    However it happened, this team now has four power forwards (Beasley can play small forward as well) who believe they should be starting.  Minnesota could get some value if it trades one or two of them.