NBA Rumors: 5 Players That Should Go Overseas During the Lockout

Joe PetruloCorrespondent IIIJuly 19, 2011

NBA Rumors: 5 Players That Should Go Overseas During the Lockout

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    The NBA lockout is still young, but a number of players, including superstars like Deron Williams and Dwight Howard, are considering playing overseas if the lockout continues.

    It's debatable whether players leaving during the lockout will hurt or help their stance in negotiations.

    By leaving, it may imply that they don't need the NBA (even if they really do).

    On the other hand, they would upset fans. That may cause broken relationships and could scar the NBA forever.

    Let's take a look at five players, who are rumored to go overseas, who should do it because it makes sense. 

5. Maurice Evans

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    Maurice Evans seems to be one of those NBA players that thinks he has more talent than he really does.

    His European experience may have sparked that notion.

    When asked about the opportunity to play overseas, Evans said he is definitely considering it. He was Player of the Year and a two-time All-Star over there.

    He sounds like he really likes the idea of playing in Europe again.

    Although he is a vice president of the NBPA, he may be more fit for the glamour of being a basketball star in a second-rate league.

4. Rudy Gay

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    Rudy Gay is the latest big-time NBA player to go down with a major injury.

    Recent percentages show that it's fairly uncertain how a player will return.

    Some have had success, and others—like Jonny Flynn last season—come off of rehab looking like a completely different player.

    Gay might be the perfect fit for a rehab stint overseas.

    He tweeted a couple of times about playing overseas. First, he said "I would Play overseas if the lockout is prolonged for sure!" He followed up by tweeting "NBA was always a dream of mine but I also love playing pro basketball."  

    Gay could have the luxury of a rehab assignment like recovering players get before going back to the big leagues.

    He can go overseas, get his body physically ready and knock the rust off.

    Once the lockout ends, he can return to the youthful Memphis Grizzlies right where he left off.

3. Nicolas Batum

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    Nicolas Batum seems to have his head in the right place during the young NBA lockout.

    He wants to play basketball next season, whether in the NBA or in France, just so that he can continue to hone his skills and avoid taking a step back.

    Batum has a number of suitors in France, and it might be best for him to return home during the lockout, as long as he has an out in the deal that will allow him to return to the NBA upon resolution of the lockout.

    He cannot be blamed for being interested in going home.

    His proposed scenario is one of the more perfect ones during the lockout.

2. Charlie Villanueva

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    Charlie Villanueva is the latest addition to the long list of NBA players that have expressed deep interest in heading overseas.

    In his case, he would be going for a special reason. 

    He claims not to be interested simply in developing his game and getting paid.

    Instead, Villanueva would like to return to his home country in the Dominican Republic and provide entertainment for the passionate fans there.

    He believes his passion matches theirs, and he would love to continue to follow his passion in his home country.

    Villanueva's situation is unique. Although the level of play may not be quite as high in the Dominican Republic, his motives are good-natured and make a lot of sense. 

1. Avery Bradley

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    Avery Bradley has yet to find a role with the Boston Celtics.

    It may be because he is not talented enough to crack the rotation.

    It may be that the team is too focused on championships to take the time to develop a young talent.

    His agent claimed that he is looking at the overseas market. Still, Bradley is focused on the success of the Celtics, so he would require an out in his deal overseas.

    This situation is perfect. Bradley needs experience to develop.

    He can put hours upon hours into working on his game in the gym, but young players cannot really grow until they get consistent game action.

    In this scenario, he gets playing experience at a decent level of professional basketball, but manages to avoid hurting his first priority, which is helping the Celtics win.