1. A movie crew is at American Airlines Center following Charlie Villanueva around. He has a screening for his new movie tonight at 7.

  2. Villanueva Looking to Build on Last Year's Performance

  3. Villanueva Says DeAndre Put Mavs in 'Bad Spot'

  4. Tonight, @CVBelieve will host a sneak peek of "Season X," a documentary about his journey with Alopecia. https://t.co/4mncYZ6S5v

  5. #Mavs F Charlie Villanueva at his movie screening tonight in Dallas. https://t.co/eGp1vFK8dS

  6. #TeamCharlie & @CVBelieve will roll out the sneak peek of "Season X," which will have a red carpet premiere in Toronto at All-Star Weekend.

  7. Full support from the @dallasmavs team tonight at @CVBelieve's sneak peek of "Season X," including Rick Carlisle.

  8. After seeing the sneak peek for "Season X," I can't wait to see the finished product. @CVBelieve is one really special dude.

  9. #Mavs F Charlie Villanueva on stage for a Q&A after the screening of his movie tonight. https://t.co/BwN8jb6LQz

  10. "We all want to leave a legacy on the court, but off the court I want to leave a legacy." -- Charlie Villanueva

  11. Dope night with @cvbelieve for the sneak peek of "Season X." Such a special dude. Such a special… https://t.co/M2ssrUnLJ2

  12. Want to make a movie with @CVBelieve? Here's how you can help! https://t.co/eVhIHIKbIN https://t.co/QPyDfN6yAM

  13. Charlie Villanueva hits a 3. As far as I could tell, he did not call “Hardest bank in the history of banks.” Almost broke the backboard.

  14. Nice finish in traffic by Charlie Villanueva. Still, the @dallasmavs trail 19-11. #DALatNOP

  15. Today at 1 p.m. CT, @CVBelieve will host a google hangout. Here's a video of what to expect. https://t.co/nwAvdAXDNS

  16. Mavs forward Charlie Villanueva hosted a Google Hangout earlier today with NBA writers ... Check out the highlights: https://t.co/dKTDn0N2Iu

  17. Charlie Villanueva calls Wes Matthews his pitbull, says it's 'crazy' a man Dirk's age plays the way he does https://t.co/3KeqQrTctX

  18. Charlie Villanueva Opens Up About Living With Alopecia In New Film https://t.co/fVQk4nJHV6 https://t.co/NCqiKZqjgV

  19. D-Will did Metta World Peace dirty there. He put on the moves and then found Charlie Villanueva for three. 14-3 run to take the lead, 23-22.

  20. Ha, Charlie Villanueva heat checks are apparently a thing here in Dallas.

  21. Justin Anderson goes from sitting the entire Lakers game to starting against the Rockets. Charlie Villanueva, Felton, D-Will and Zaza also.

  22. #Mavs starters tonight... Deron Williams Raymond Felton Justin Anderson Charlie Villanueva Zaza Pachulia

  23. Mavs 32 @HoustonRockets 20 at the end of the 1stQ. @CVBelieve 8 pts & @RFeltonGBMS has 6. #DALatHOU https://t.co/JStmB0B544

  24. At the half, the @dallasmavs lead 57-34. 12 pts for Charlie Villanueva. 11 pts for Devin Harris. Harden is 0 for 10. #DALatHOU

  25. After three, the @dallasmavs lead 82-67. 17 pts for Charlie Villanueva. 19 pts for Terrence Jones. #DALatHOU

  26. End of the 3rd, Mav up 82-67 over the @HoustonRockets. @CVBelieve 17 points, @DeronWilliams has 8. #DALatHOU https://t.co/bZeQXZrQnf

  27. 8:37 left to play and the @dallasmavs lead 87-75. 17 pts for Charlie Villanueva. 15 pts for Devin Harris off the bench. #DALatHOU

  28. FINAL: @dallasmavs 110, Rockets 98; 23 pts & 6 rebs for Raymond Felton. 19 pts for Charlie VIllanueva. 15 pts for Harris. #DALatHOU

  29. Charlie Villanueva did not practice Tuesday in Boston with what is believed to be a minor foot problem. He seemed good after Monday's game.

  30. Charlie Villanueva didn't practice today in Boston due to a minor issue with his foot.

  31. Rick Carlisle says Charlie Villanueva has left the team for the birth of his 2nd child. #DALatBOS

  32. Charlie Villanueva has a foot injury. And he flew back to Dallas for the birth of his 2nd child.

  33. Charlie Villanueva will miss tonight's game vs Boston to be there for birth of his second child.

  34. Congrats to @CVBelieve on the birth of Aliyah Cruz Villanueva 6 lbs 15 oz.l Everybody doing great

  35. Congrats on the birth of your daughter, @CVBelieve! https://t.co/Iup6DEjAhO

  36. Charlie Villanueva leaves Mavericks for birth of 2nd child https://t.co/gGTj0PiMMI

  37. Charlie Villanueva returned to the @dallasmavs and went through this morning's shootaround after the birth of his daughter. #DALvsUTA

  38. Charlie Villanueva was at the shootaround today after missing Wednesday's game in Boston because of the birth of his second child.

  39. Charlie Villanueva back with the team after birth of daughter. https://t.co/EH8baU7dUQ