NY Knicks and 7 NBA Teams That Should Target Ramon Sessions

Josh FuCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2011

NY Knicks and 7 NBA Teams That Should Target Ramon Sessions

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    Great point guards run the NBA nowadays, literally. Having a great point guard seems to be a requirement among the league's elite teams, with the exception being the Miami Heat.

    When it comes to the NBA's most desirable trade targets, one name that does not come up enough is Ramon Sessions.

    Given that the Cavaliers just drafted their apparent franchise point guard Kyrie Irving and presumably want to keep veteran Baron Davis to back him up, Sessions should soon be on his way out of Cleveland.

    There's no reason why Sessions shouldn't be a starting point guard in the NBA. He plays the position just as efficiently as anyone and produces elite point guard numbers when given playing time.

    This is the same Ramon Sessions that dropped 20 points and 24 assists against the Bulls in one game during his rookie season. The same guy averaged 20 points per game and nine assists per game on 56 percent shooting in February as a starter despite playing on the woeful Cavaliers.

    There are several teams in need of a talented starting point guard that should be in the hunt for Sessions' services, given his young age, cheap contract and breakout potential.

New York Knicks

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    Let's face it, Chauncey Billups getting old. Mr. Big Shot is already 34, and pretty soon he won't be able to keep up with New York's young superstar duo of Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

    Sessions is a star point guard in the making and the Big Apple would be the perfect stage for his breakout season. With his unselfish play and superior court vision, Sessions would flourish in the uptempo D'Antoni system while making it easy for Melo and Amar'e to get open looks.

    There's been a lot of talk about New York forming its own "Big Three" with either Chris Paul or Deron Williams coming on board to join the Knicks' two superstars, but Sessions would fit in just as nicely and come with a much lower price tag.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    It's not secret that the Lakers have been looking for a starting-caliber point guard for a long time to replace the aging Derek Fisher. This was even more apparent when Fisher was carved up by Chris Paul in the first round of the playoffs this year.

    The Lakers seem to have lost some of their swagger this last season, but a big acquisition like Ramon Sessions would easily push them them back into the championship chase.

    Plus, with Fisher and Kobe Bryant aging quickly, Los Angeles could really benefit from an injection of youth in the backcourt.

Orlando Magic

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    It should be pretty apparent by now that Jameer Nelson isn't really a starting-caliber NBA point guard, after failing to average more than 6.0 assists per game in any season during his seven-year career.

    The Magic have a logjam when it comes to the shooting guard but lack depth at the point guard position. Sessions would add more scoring punch and also create more easy looks for his teammates.

    Just imagine how many lobs Dwight would be throwing down playing with a great distributor like Sessions.

    Despite having a true superstar in Howard, the Magic have come up short in recent preseasons due to a lack of a strong supporting cast. It's why Dwight has refused to sign an extension with the team.

    Adding more young talent could translate to more wins and cause him to change his mind.

Dallas Mavericks

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    Jason Kidd's already 38, and he has previously stated that if the lockout drags out for too long, he may consider retirement.

    In any case, the Mavericks have to start thinking about a finding a long term replacement for J. Kidd. His skills are still sharp, but he's definitely lost a step or two.

    There isn't really another true PG on the Mavs' current roster ready to step in should Kidd decide to hang up his sneakers. To stay relevant, the Mavericks need to start rebuilding around a younger core, and Sessions could be the first piece of that puzzle.

Utah Jazz

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    Since losing Deron Williams to the Nets last season, the Jazz seem to have taken on a new identity but are now lacking a true floor leader.

    Devin Harris doesn't seem to be the long-term solution at point guard. Ever since he broke out in 2008-09, Harris has been consistently underwhelming as a starter.

    Therefore, if the Jazz want to build around a solid young core that includes Hayward, Millsap, Jefferson and Kanter (one of those guys will probably be moved), it only makes sense that the team picks up a great passer to play with all those scoring forwards.

    Sessions should be that guy.

Miami Heat

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    This would be a tough one to pull off given that the Heat don't have a whole lot of trade pieces and the fact that Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert would loathe the idea of helping LeBron out in any way, but the fact is that the Heat don't have a consistent starter at point guard.

    Having a consistent starting point guard could relieve LeBron and D-Wade of some of their ball-handling duties and let them concentrate on scoring the ball and leaking out on the fast break.

    Having a consistent scoring threat on offense wouldn't hurt either.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    A combination of Sessions and young Blake Griffin would be very enticing for the Clippers. Mo Williams have proved over his career that he isn't consistent as a starting point guard, and it also appears that his production is declining as of late.

    Griffin is a once-in-a-generation type of talent, and it's obvious that he has a strong competitive fire. If the Clips don't surround him with enough talent and produce more wins soon, he may be off to another team through free agency once his rookie contract is up.

    With Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin already in place, the Clippers have the chance to build a special team, and adding Ramon Sessions would give them a very talented young core to build around.