NBA Lockout: 12 Ways to Fill the Void in Your Life Without NBA Basketball

Andy Bailey@@AndrewDBaileyFeatured ColumnistJuly 1, 2011

NBA Lockout: 12 Ways to Fill the Void in Your Life Without NBA Basketball

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    NBA owners and players failed to reach a new CBA today, and we are now in the midst of a full-blown lockout.

    For diehard fans of basketball at its highest level, this is a very sad day. Some of the game's best writers are already predicting doomsday scenarios. Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski thinks that the entire 2011-12 season may be cancelled.

    If that happens, I may actually have to do something productive on nights when I would have been watching the NBA. Like read or something.

    If we do miss out on an entire season, there are a few ways to fill the void in our lives...


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Watch the Mavericks Championship DVD

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    At least the 2010-11 season had the very best possible outcome for us to rewind in our heads and on our DVD players over and over again.

    After the Miami Heat crowned themselves the greatest team in the history of mankind before ever playing a game, the Dallas Mavericks went out and spanked them.

    It was fantastic.

Rediscover College Basketball

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    I love basketball as much as (and probably more than) anyone I personally know. But I only really pay attention to the college game for one month out of the year (guess which one!).

    If we don't have any NBA games, I'll definitely be tuning in to more of my Tar Heels' games.

Watch NBA TV

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    With no games going on, NBA TV will have to dig into its vault and replay some classic NBA action.

    Nothing better to get us through these rough times than some footage of the better times. At least watching classic Larry Bird will end the comparisons with Dirk Nowitzki (though I do think he's vaulted into the top 20 to 25 players of all time).

Watch Baseball

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    The NBA season typically carries all the way into June, so if we lose the whole year, the void will extend well into baseball season.

    I loved America's pastime as a kid, but that game and I grew apart over the years. I ditched the slow, plodding game for a faster-paced, more exciting brand of sport.

    Maybe if I start paying close attention again, my Braves will go back to winning the National League East every year.

    (If you haven't already noticed, my choice of teams is spotted all over the map. That's a fringe benefit of living in the bustling metropolis of Cheyenne, Wyoming.)

Watch Hockey

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    I've admittedly never been into hockey, but the NHL season will run during pretty much the same time that the NBA would have.

    Could I learn to enjoy hockey? I like soccer (goals, teamwork, etc. are reminiscent of hockey), fighting and fast-paced action, so it doesn't seem too far out of reach for me to enjoy this game.

Watch MMA

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    Right now, I'm merely a casual MMA fan. But I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy each UFC event I take in.

    If there's no NBA, I may be watching a lot more MMA at the local Old Chicago (one of the hottest of spots in the ever-exciting Cheyenne, Wyoming).

Find a Way to Watch Some FIBA Basketball

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    Don't recognize the cat in the picture? His name is Jaycee Carroll, and he's an absolute beast.

    As a senior at Utah State, he averaged 22.4 points and six rebounds a game. He shot 53 percent from the field and 50 percent from three-point range.

    Despite tearing it up in NBA summer leagues every year, no one will give him a shot over here. With the NBA gone, maybe some of us will tune into some Gran Canaria games.

Watch Soccer

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    This may be a tough one for some Americans to swallow, but soccer (or football) is actually really fun to watch.

    Perhaps time away from basketball will force some people who previously hated on soccer to watch a match or two.

    The sooner we embrace the world's game, the beautiful game, the sooner we'll be able to start taking down tougher competition around the world.

Play Some Pickup Ball

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    I'd be doing this with or without an NBA lockout in place. See the guy with the crazy plaid shorts and beautiful follow-through? That's me gettin' some basketball in while I lived in Jamaica.

    Playing is great for exercise, stress relief and a couple hours of fun.

Build a Time Machine

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    Wouldn't it be sweet to be able to fast-forward through the lockout altogether?


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    Definitely the second-best sport in the world to watch, the NFL will consume most of my sports attention if the NBA season is cancelled.

    I know the NFL players are locked out right now as well, but their situation actually looks fairly promising at the moment.

    Can't wait to see Tim Tebow connecting with Demaryius Thomas on some long touchdowns! (The Broncos and Rockies are the only teams I root for based on geography. Denver is 100 miles away.)

NBA 2K12

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    The best way for me to fill the NBA void? Virtual NBA!

    2KSports has been putting out the best basketball games for over a decade now, and I can't wait to use the classic Dirk fadeaway against anyone who wants a piece.