NBA Trade Talk: Monta Ellis and 5 Trade Possibilities for the Chicago Bulls

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJune 28, 2011

NBA Trade Talk: Monta Ellis and 5 Trade Possibilities for the Chicago Bulls

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    The Chicago Bulls finished with the best regular season record in the league last year, but had many flaws.

    Those flaws were made clear in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat.

    The Bulls lacked scoring. LeBron James and the Heat team defense shut down Derrick Rose and in doing so, shut down the Bulls offense.

    The Bulls need scoring help on the perimeter and need to find a solution at shooting guard because their current "two guard by committee" plan will not win them an NBA title.

    While the Bulls should only seriously consider breaking up their core if a perfect trade comes along, they do need to make some savvy moves via trade to fix some of their scoring problems.

    Here are five trade possibilities to improve the Chicago Bulls for next season.

Courtney Lee

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    Trade: Courtney Lee to the Chicago Bulls for a future first round pick and maybe a future second round pick.

    There were whispers about the Bulls trying to acquire Lee at the trade deadline last season, but things didn't work out.

    Trading for Courtney Lee would bring the Bulls a solid three point shooter who can stretch the defense, as well as play solid defense on the other end.

    Lee would fit into the young core and could grow as a player under coach Tom Thibodeau.

    Lee has played in an NBA finals with the Orlando Magic and while he is very young, he would brings some experience to Chicago as well.

    Courtney Lee doesn't seem to be untouchable on the Houston Rockets and if the Bulls assembled the right deal, Houston wouldn't have a problem moving him.

    Lee is a guy with a lot of potential and could be the solution for the Bulls shooting guard woes.

Tony Douglas

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    Tony Douglas to the Chicago Bulls for Keith Bogans and a future first round pick.

    While Tony Douglas wouldn't fill the starting shooting guard spot for the Chicago Bulls, he would help with scoring and be a great addition to the "bench mob".

    Douglas wouldn't cost the Bulls to much to trade for him and his shooting ability and floor spacing would be huge for a team that at times couldn't buy a basket.

    The Bulls could also offer the Charlotte Bobcats first round pick they have acquired to make the deal more intriguing for the New York Knicks.

    Trading for Tony Douglas isn't going to win a championship for the Bulls but he would be a good addition that would make the team better.

O.J. Mayo

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    O.J. Mayo for Nikola Mirotic and Kyle Kover.

    Another guy the Chicago Bulls tried to get at the trade deadline last season is O.J. Mayo.

    Mayo would bring exactly what the Bulls are missing, a shooting guard who can score. Mayo can get to the basket and finish at the rim as well as play off the ball and hit open and contested jump shots.

    Mayo is a near perfect fit next to Derrick Rose with his ability to shoot and space the floor, giving the MVP more room to work with and keeping defenses honest.

    Prying Mayo away from Memphis wouldn't be to difficult especially with an offer of such an intriguing young prospect in Mirotic. Korver could also fill in for Mayo's scoring load and shooting ability.

    If Memphis doesn't go for the "potential" guy, the Bulls could also offer Omer Asik who is NBA ready and with a few years of development could be a starting center.

Eric Gordon

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    Eric Gordon and Willie Warren to the Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah, Nikola Mirotic and two future first round picks.

    This far fetched trade idea would be one of the most polarizing in Bulls history. If it ever came true, which it probably wouldn't, it would give the Bulls their shooting guard for the future and a guy who can shoot and score. 

    Eric Gordon, with some more development, could turn into one of the best two guards in the game and fill the Bulls shooting guard spot for the next seven to eight years.

    Gordon play off the ball and do nearly everything Mayo can except a lot better.

    While the Bulls would be getting a great player, they would be giving up a lot in return.

    Joakim Noah is a huge part of the team and part of the Bulls young core and would be very tough to give up.

    This is a trade the Bulls probably could never make because of how much the Los Angeles Clippers would want in return for their young shooting guard stud but if it did work out it would make both teams better.

Monta Ellis

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    Monta Ellis to the Chicago Bulls for Joakim Noah, Nicola Mirotic, Kyle Korver and future first round picks.

    Since drafting Klay Thompson, the Golden State Warriors have basically decided to move on from Monta Ellis.

    Ellis will be available for maybe a cheaper price since the Warriors are going to have to trade him and the Bulls could take advantage of that.

    Ellis can score with anyone in the NBA and would be a great fit next to Derrick Rose.

    The Bulls have a few pieces to offer that could intrigue the Warriors but it would mean almost completely changing the team.

    I don't like the Bulls ripping apart their core unless it is for Dwight Howard and even then it is a hard thing to support.

    A young team that finished with the best record in the NBA sometimes needs to just grow together in the playoffs before reaching their full potential and winning it all.

    Unless the Bulls can get a discount price for Ellis, like in the trade package I've created, they shouldn't trade for him.

    The Warriors could get a lot more for Ellis from a different team, so don't expect the Bulls to land him.