NBA Draft 2011: Top 32 Draft Busts of the Last Decade

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NBA Draft 2011: Top 32 Draft Busts of the Last Decade
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NBA general managers take note:  The following Bleacher Report opinion piece may be detrimental to your well-being.  Take all precautions before proceeding. 

If at any time during the reading of this article you begin to experience sweaty palms, nausea or dizziness, take several deep breaths and remind yourself that the mistakes listed below were either someone else’s gaffe or are so far in your past that you’ve managed to hold on to your position as one of the league’s 32 top decision-makers. 

Just don‘t make the same mistake twice.

And so, until tomorrow, you can laugh at reading about the worst 32 draft selections of the past 10 years.  We probably could field a list of 100 bonehead moves that didn’t pan out, but since lunch breaks only last an hour, we decided to limit the qualified candidates.

For the rest of you fans, the ones who love to analyze every minute detail about prospects, feel free to write in to say “I told you so” about No. 20 or “That other guy would have been a perennial All-Star if he hadn’t fallen off a motorcycle while riding without a helmet.”

All kidding aside, being a GM in the NBA and coming up with the pick who will lead your team to the promised postseason championship land of tomorrow is not as easy as it looks.  As you’ll see from this list of “can’t-miss” prospects who ultimately became “can’t-play” also-rans, what one accomplishes in high school, college or the Italian league doesn’t always translate on the NBA level.

Tomorrow is the time for GMs to shine—time will tell how shiny (or dull) their selections were. Today, we take a look at the Thrilling 32 who came into the league with enormous expectations only to fizzle out like an open can of soda on a hot summer day at the beach. 

These basketball busts have not been numbered—that would be cruel.  The reality is they all underperformed in their own uninspiring way. 

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