Golden State Warriors: What They Should Do

William ButchkoContributor IJune 10, 2011

Golden State Warriors: What They Should Do

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    The Warriors thought they were a piece away last year when they traded for David Lee. This, of course, was ridiculous. The Warriors were far from a piece away.

    We did just well enough to get a bad lottery pick, but far from the playoffs. It may fly in the face of our new coach's promise, but it is time we rebuild for real.

    While most of the Bleacher Report set are huge fans of Monta Ellis, his departure is needed to help the Warriors acquire the correct assets.

    Secondly, we have seen without a miracle happening, a team with Monta as its primary ballhandler is destined for the late lottery.

    Next year's draft is going to be strong, and we only get to keep the pick if we finish in the lowest eight. There is no reason to delay another year when it is guaranteed that it will be another year without the playoffs.

Trade with Timberwolves and Cavaliers

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    The Warriors should trade Monta Ellis to the Timberwolves for the No. 2 in a three-way trade with the Cavs. The Timberwolves get Monta Ellis, the Cavs get the No. 2 and Andris Biedrins, and the Warriors get the No. 4, Anderson Verejao, and Ramon Sessions.

    The Timberwolves do not need Derrick Williams as he largely duplicates Michael Beasley. They have reportedly been shopping the No. 2 and looking for a scoring 2. Monta Ellis fits the bill perfectly.

    Cleveland has been in talks with the Timberwolves for the No. 2 pick because they want to pair Derrick Williams with Kyrie Irving in building a nucleus for the future. The Cavs can lose Sessions because when they draft Irving, he will be their fourth point guard.

    The Warriors receive the backup point guard they desperately need while getting a center who may have less to offer as far as upside than Biedrins, but is sure to offer defense and rebounding.

    The Warriors also get the opportunity to draft Enes Kanter, who, while striking many as an enigma, has dominated at every level he has ever played. He has destroyed Jared Sullinger, who was supposed to go No. 4 or higher in the draft before he decided to remain in college for another year.

    He also crushed Jonas Valanciunas when they went head-to-head.  Kanter is 6'11'' in shoes with a 9'1.5'' reach. He is an impressive rebounder who has already demonstrated impressive strength in the post and the ability to hit shots from outside.

The No. 11 Pick

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    Hopefully, we were able to get everything else done while still retaining our No. 11 pick. It may not be worthwhile if we cannot.

    There is a chance Bismack Biyombo might be available. While questions abound about his real age, there is no question about his athletic ability and drive.

    Ben Wallace had a fantastic and some may say hall-of-fame career without any offensive game. Biyombo has that kind of ability if it can be harnessed. For the 11th pick in a less than stellar draft, he is well worth the risk.

    If he is gone, I think we should go with Alec Burks, the scoring phenom from the University of Colorado. He has the ability to handle well with both hands and even play some point. He showed tremendous athleticism and speed.

    His shot is developing, as is his defense, but he has the tools to develop both. With Monta gone, we will need a slasher and he fits the bill.

Take Some Chances

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    The risk takerKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Most people like the idea of trading Monta for a pick to try and get Nene, but chances are he is
    going to re-sign in Denver. I think he is a fantastic player now. He is incredibly efficient as a scorer and is adequate as a rebounder and a defender.

    However, I don't want him for what he is going to demand. He is a guy who is completely dependent on his

    He is already 29 with a history of health problems. If that goes, he is not going to be the same player. If he put us in contention of a title, you make that sacrifice. We are not, so let's pass.

    The next few slides will list some players that we should pursue. All are risky, but could have huge rewards whether to trade for assets to a contender, to help us make the playoffs, or if they fail, as expiring contracts that will probably be useful with the new labor agreement.

Josh Howard

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    The Warriors, if they ever want to be good, will have to take some short-term risks for the future. The
    first guy I think is worth a risk is Josh Howard.

    Howard tore his ACL, and that is why we can probably get him for a huge discount, but it usually takes
    18 months for ACLs to heal fully.

    Guess what, even without a lockout, 18 months will be up just in time for the start of the season.

    The Warriors could be getting a good defender and good scorer for not much investment. We could probably get him for a two-year contract at $3 million-$4 million per year.

Greg Oden

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    The Warriors could also make a play for Greg Oden. He is probably never going to be healthy, but he wants to prove himself and would probably accept a one-year contract somewhere to do that. With more cap space, the Warriors could be the team to take that risk.

    He is a franchise player if healthy. Worst- case scenario on a one-year contract is he gets hurt and is an expiring contract.

Michael Redd

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    Another risk that Warriors might be smart to take would be Michael Redd. Once again a player who
    can be had on the cheap, but is about 18 months off of a knee surgery. Another player who might be just about ready to reinvigorate his career.

    He can probably be gotten with a low one-year deal. There is no real risk and has a dream team (well...disappointing dream team) upside.

Kyrylo Fesenko

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    Finally, another buy-low opportunity is Kyrylo Fesenko.

    A player who has not yet put in the work to be a good offensive player, but at the price we can
    get him, he will be able to offer defense and rebounding.

    He would provide good size off the bench.

What Will Probably Happen

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    We will probably keep Monta Ellis or trade for Andre Iguodala and become a fringe playoff team with no chance of competing for anything better than the No. 8 slot.

    Knowing the Warriors, we may just trade Stephen Curry. However, I just wanted to put this out there before the worst happens.

    Sorry if I am jaded, but when you have been a fan since Run TMC and you have watched the franchise run into the ground, you fear the worst. I still hate Billy Owens.

    At 30, I feel like a Red Sox fan hoping to see a championship before I die, but doubting it will ever happen. But the Red Sox won and so did the Giants, so there is hope.