Detroit Pistons: Will the New Owner Go to Work on a Superstar?

Ray StoneCorrespondent IJune 3, 2011

Is it time the Pistons try to bring some big name players to town?
Is it time the Pistons try to bring some big name players to town?

You would expect that new ownership can certainly bring a new attitude to a team and city.

Tom Gores, the new owner of the Pistons, is most often described as a “Hollywood” owner.  That is a big change around these parts.  Forbes estimates the Flint native's net worth around $2.6 billion - good for the 161st richest American.  

People compare Gores to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, which is way different than the previous owner.

Younger and more outgoing, Gores is certainly a much more flashy guy than former Pistons owner Bill Davidson.

Unlike Billy D, who seemed to be in favor of the blue collar, layman formula for success, Gores might actually prefer to bring in the some big names and get big attention.    

Is it time for new way in Detroit?

The old Piston formula for success that featured a lot of gritty, good but not great players, might need to be revisited. 

A fellow Bleacher Reporter (can’t recall who) referred to this as the PD, "post decision" era of the NBA. The Miami Heat have found great success by clever number crunching, good timing and big spending.

Gores is probably much more willing than Davidson was to open up the checkbook and take a run at some big name superstars.

Why not

How come the Pistons' name never comes up in the upcoming sweepstakes for the services of young stars like Dwight Howard and/or Chris Paul?    

Maybe with Tommy G at the helm, it is time for that to change.

If you know that these guys are going to be available, and when, why not work to clear the space out and put yourself in position to land them?

There is more than one road to success - ask Pat Riley.

Why should a young superstar choose the Pistons? for one.  

Other than that, the Detroit Piston franchise is not like New Jersey or some of these other teams that are heavy into the free agent market for that matter.  

There is a real winning tradition established in Detroit. 

The recent streak of six straight Eastern Conference Finals appearances is very impressive.  So is, of course, the three (and should have been more) World Championship banners that hang high in the Palace.

This franchise has a solid history of success.  The Pistons have been to the mountaintop several times, and there is no reason to think that will not get back there one day.  A lot of teams simply can't boast that.

That is a great selling point to get some of these guys interested in signing. 

If Gores can tell these guys he's committed to building a winning team here - there is no reason Detroit cannot accommodate an NBA superstar or two.  

The fan base in Detroit is incredible.  With the exception 2005-06 season, Detroit lead the league in attendance every year from 2002-2008.   

When the team on the court is good, the fans and community get behind them very well. Gores will certainly want to make a splash and find a way to fill those seats that have been empty the last few seasons.  

What better way to sell out the arena than inking a high profile player to the roster? 

Detroit also offers a young business minded athlete a lot of good investment opportunities as the area rebuilds from an economical collapse.