NBA Draft Combine: Does Jimmer Have a 36" Vertical?

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NBA Draft Combine: Does Jimmer Have a 36
Jimmer can dunk a basketball, but how athletic is he?

The NBA draft combine is coming up and a lot of us are interested in what will transpire there. Mock draft junkies soak up any piece of data they can get their hands on to try to outguess the scouts.

Two players that many will be looking at closely are Jimmer Fredette and Kyrie Irving. There are a lot of questions about their athleticism and how it will affect them as NBA players.  

I am choosing to use these players along with historical combine data to see what role athleticism might play in selection and what types of data impact selection the most.

In a league that has the likes of Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose wreaking havoc on opposing defenses, it seemed like an interesting study.

I will make heavy use of the data you can view for free at, so you can see everything and maybe find your own key performance predictors.

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