The Boston Celtics Need to Make These Offseason Moves to Go Back to the Finals

Chris PhelpsContributor IIIMay 20, 2011

The Boston Celtics Need to Make These Offseason Moves to Go Back to the Finals

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    After a disappointing loss to the Heat this postseason, the Celtics ended their season on a bad note. With all the young teams out there like Oklahoma City, Miami, Chicago and Memphis, the only way the Celtics can stay in playoff contention is to adjust their roster and make it young. Here are several moves the Celtics should make to be back in the Finals next year.

Do Not Re-Sign Shaquille O'Neal

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    Shaq is just to old to continue playing basketball. Next year he is turning 40, and your starting center should not be 40.

    The Celtics need to sign a young center to have a chance to going back to the playoffs and Shaq just takes up cap room. Also, his injuries are hurting his stock, so not re-signing him would be good for the C's.

Re-Sign Jeff Green

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    Although he didn't do everything the Celtics wanted, Jeff Green is an exceptional, young talent. He will be much better off the bench next year because he will have more experience with the Celtics.

    The Celtics will also need his speed since their stars are getting older and slower. He is possibly a future starter for the Celtics and will definitely contribute off the bench.

Re-Sign Delonte West and Nenad Krstic

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    This move will also help with Boston's bench depth. Delonte West was superb off the bench when he wasn't injured this year. He can shoot, dribble, and can play defense. He is a great signing for us and we need to keep him.

    As for Krstic, he was a very underrated player this year and that is why he didn't play much. With his help off the bench, he could provide rebounding and another scoring threat. 

Do Not Re-Sign Glen Davis

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    Glen Davis was fantastic this regular season, then the playoffs came and he was absolutely terrible. He couldn't make a shot, his defense was awful, and he just wasn't the same Baby we loved last playoffs.

    Another reason Boston shouldn't sign him is because he takes up cap room that we could be using for more talent. Sorry, but Shrek and Donkey will be no more.

Sign Nene

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    Nene would be a perfect fit for the Celtics. He is a young, talented center and could be a key contributor for the Celtics with his rebounding and scoring skills. This would be a great pickup by the Celtics. 

Sign Wilson Chandler or JR Smith

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    With no good help at backup shooting guard, the Celtics need help here. Wilson Chandler can provide speed, shooting, and youth for the Celtics. He is a restricted free agent so the team will have to give up something to get him, but over time it will be worth it.

    JR Smith provides the same positives as Chandler, but he is a playmaker. He is also a unrestricted free agent. It is a tough choice to choose between these two.

Sign Leon Powe

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    Since the Celtics should not re-sign Glen Davis, that leaves a spot open at power forward.

    Signing Powe would be a great move because he was with the Celtics before and know how this team works. He also contributed the the championship run the Celtics had a couple years ago. 

Draft JaJuan Johnson

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    JaJuan Johnson would be a good pick for the future Celtics. It would take a couple of years for Johnson to contribute, but with a couple years left in Garnett, he will be ready when his time is here.

The Depth Chart the Celtics Should Have to Start Next Season

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    With this roster, the Celtics will be back in the Finals and banner 18 will be up in a year.

    PG- Rajon Rondo, Delonte West, Avery Bradley

    SG- Ray Allen, Wilson Chandler/J.R. Smith, Von Wafer

    SF- Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, Sasha Pavlovic

    PF- Kevin Garnett, Leon Powe, JaJuan Johnson

    C- Nene, Jermaine O'Neal, Nenad Krstic