NBA Power Rankings: The 50 Biggest Posterizing Dunks of All Time (Video)

Ethan Norof@ethan_norofCorrespondent IMay 3, 2011

NBA Power Rankings: The 50 Biggest Posterizing Dunks of All Time (Video)

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    The 50 biggest posterizing dunks in NBA history is a list to keep handy.

    We've got names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Shawn Bradley.

    Say what?

    While it might be rather obvious that Bradley is the name that doesn't belong, he contributed mightily to the cause with his lousy defense and utter lack of athletic ability.

    Sit back and enjoy the video clips, because this is a surefire highlight reel from No. 50 all the way to No. 1. 

50. Clyde Drexler on Bill Laimbeer

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    They didn't call him "The Glide" for nothing.

    Watch Drexler soar while the victimized Laimbeer begs for a technical. 

49. Rudy Gay on Luis Scola

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    The Grizzlies are in the midst of a promising playoff push without superstar Rudy Gay.

    Just imagine how they'd be playing if they got the superstar back and he threw it down like this.

48. Amare Stoudemire on Michael Olowokandi

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    Olowokandi will go down as one of the biggest flops out of the No. 1 draft spot.

    As if we needed proof, watch Amare absolutely crush his soul. 

47. Derrick Rose on Leandro Barbosa

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    Some refer to Derrick Rose as a human highlight reel.

    And when he's on the court throwing it down like this, it's easy to see why. 

46. Carmelo Anthony on Tyrus Thomas

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    Dunk of the Night doesn't even give this Melo flush enough justice.

    Even teammate and high-flyer J.R. Smith couldn't believe this one. 

45. Andre Iguodala on Josh Boone and Brook Lopez

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    Andre Iguodala would like to welcome Josh Boone and Brook Lopez to his poster.

44. Corey Brewer on Derek Fisher

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    Derek Fisher is usually great at drawing charges.

    But in this one, Corey Brewer just annihilates him. 

43. Ryan Hollins on Andray Blatche

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    Ryan Hollins hasn't always been known for his toughness, but he stepped up to the plate in this one.

    Andray Blatche has never been a feared defender, and it looked like he didn't want any part of this one. 

42. Tracy McGrady over Shawn Bradley

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    For a guy that is 7'6" tall, Shawn Bradley couldn't swat a shot to save his life.

    And when T-Mac is flying into his face, it's just not even fair. 

41. Eddie Jones on Shawn Bradley

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    A double-dose of the Bradley man for the fans at home, shall we?

    Eddie Jones shot mostly from the perimeter, but seized this opportunity in a big way. 

40. Kobe Bryant on Ben Wallace

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    Dear Ben Wallace,

    How do you feel right now?


    Kobe's gym shorts.

39. J.R. Smith on George Hill

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    J.R. Smith might not be the most consistent of basketball players, but dunking has never been an area of weakness in his game.

    Just ask George Hill. 

38. Carmelo Anthony on Paul Millsap

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    Paul Millsap, what happened?

    You threw away the rock and then gave a half-hearted effort in stopping the flush.

37. Derrick Rose on Greg Oden

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    It's probably not a good thing when your starting center gets dunked on by the opposition's point guard.

    Especially when it's Derrick Rose and Greg Oden. 

36. Amare Stoudemire on Jeff Foster

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    Jeff Foster recently embraced his role as a villain, but who is he scaring with defense like this?

    As Mark Jackson would say, "Hand down, man down."

35. Baron Davis on Andrei Kirilenko

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    When is the last time Baron Davis got up like this?

    Maybe he should go against Kirilenko more often. 

34. Shaquille O'Neal on David Robinson

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    The best part about this one? The amazing All-Star jerseys featured in this East vs. West classic.

    Add that to the fact that we get to watch Shaq Daddy eat up the Admiral, and that's a night to remember.  

33. Baron Davis on Jermaine O'Neal

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    Maybe if B-Diddy got up like this for the Clippers, he wouldn't be playing for the Cavs right now.

    But in fairness to the veteran, his newly formed gut probably won't allow him to do that. 

32. Charles Barkley on Scottie Pippen

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    Sir Charles abuses MJ's wingman on this powerful dunk.

    Anytime a 6'6'' power forward throws it down like that, it's worth watching twice. 

31. Chris Webber on Mark Jackson

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    The caption on the video does a perfect job of explaining this one. 

30. Kwame Brown on Andres Nocioni

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    Kwame, where did THAT come from?

    Even Kobe was shocked at the aggressiveness that his former teammate put on display. 

29. Chris Webber on Charles Barkley

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    Barkley had some impressive highlights throughout his career, but this was not one of them.

    Chris Webber looks as nimble as ever in this clip, giving the crowd a reason to stand up. 

28. Manu Ginobili on Josh Howard

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    Ginobili isn't known to take it to the rack with such impressive power.

    But when Erick Dampier is clogging the middle, it's a gamble well worth taking. 

27. Vince Carter on Alonzo Mourning

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    Defensive Player of the Year? No problem for Vince Carter.

    Alonzo Mourning feels flat-out stupid after this. 

26. Scottie Pippen on Patrick Ewing

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    Scottie Pippen with the throw-down/stare-down combination over a deflated Patrick Ewing.

    Ewing is one of the greatest centers ever, but it sure seems like the Bulls have his number. 

25. Dominique Wilkins on Larry Bird

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    The legend of Larry Bird lives strongly.

    But he would've done himself a big favor by not even trying to go up and defend this Wilkins slam. 

24. Ronnie Price on Carlos Boozer

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    Ronnie Price has always been able to get up, but at 6'2" (and probably smaller than that), it's not easy to slam it though the hole.

    But I guess the point guard saw something that he liked in a matchup against Boozer.  

23. Lamar Odom on Chris Andersen

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    Isn't Chris Andersen supposed to be a block specialist?

    But as good as this dunk is, I think Luke Walton's reaction is the premier part of the video clip. 

22. LeBron James on Tim Duncan

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    Well, at least Tim Duncan kept his hands straight up and didn't commit a foul.

    Unfortunately, that didn't do much to deter LeBron. 

21. LeBron James on Kevin Garnett

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    The Celtics might have won the series, but it's safe to say that Garnett won't ever forget this LeBron facial.

    This is a poster that many Cleveland fans tore down after their superstar signed in Miami. 

20. LeBron James on Rasheed Wallace

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    LeBron James dunked on Rasheed Wallace and the birthmark atop his head.

    He just about blew the roof off of the building with this throwdown. 

19. Kobe Bryant on Steve Nash

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    We knew that Steve Nash doesn't like to play defense, so why try and start on a surefire slam dunk?

    Kobe hung on the rim with emphasis, as he deserved to after this impressive highlight. 

18. Dahntay Jones on Erick Dampier

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    Has Dahntay Jones ever gotten this much attention on ESPN before?

    But this dunk is worth all of the notoriety it received. 

17. John Starks over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan

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    John Starks, get some.

    There are no words to describe just how impressive this was at the time it happened.  

16. Kevin Johnson on Hakeem Olajuwon

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    Olajuwon usually blocked anything that came his way.

    But normally, they were basketballs and not human bodies. 

15. Kobe Bryant on Dwight Howard

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    Remember when Dwight Howard was new to the league?

    Kobe Bryant does. 

14. Tom Chambers on Mark Jackson

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    For every white guy that wants to throw it down in the NBA, this should serve as your inspiration.

    I would love for ABC to play this clip during the postseason and ask Jackson what his method of defense was for this one. 

13. Kobe Bryant over Yao Ming

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    We've already seen Kobe soar over Dwight, but over Yao Ming, too?!

    Yao doesn't even have to jump to reach the rim, but Kobe found a way to make him look small on this highlight jam. 

12. Julius Erving on Michael Cooper

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    Just rock the baby, Julius.

    The product of UMass Amherst made his alma mater proud with this one. 

11. Allen Iverson on Marcus Camby

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    This was truly AI's best dunk of his career.

    To be fair, Camby probably didn't see him coming, but Iverson's finish on top of the seven-footer's head is worthy of hanging on any wall. 

10. Kobe Bryant on Vincent Yarbrough

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    Noticing a pattern? It's the Kobe Bryant (wearing No. 8) show as we get closer to the top.

    You don't remember Vincent Yarbrough? I'm fairly certain Kobe does.  

9. Blake Griffin on Timofey Mozgov

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    Timofey Mozgov, welcome to the NBA.

    This isn't just a dunk, it's Griffin's assertion of himself as a man over his fellow rookie. 

8. LeBron James on Damon Jones

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    Long before James was revered in South Beach, he was crippling the Heat with his solid play.

    Damon Jones was his most notable victim. 

7. LeBron James on Luol Deng

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    Similar to Kobe, LeBron has had a few near-the-rim highlights to be watched for years to come.

    Luol Deng just feels silly after this. 

6. Shawn Kemp on Alton Lister

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    This list wouldn't be complete without a Shawn Kemp cameo.

    I wonder how Alton Lister feels about this today. 

5. Michael Jordan on Charles Barkley

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    His Airness could have his own 50 slides on the greatest dunks in his career.

    But for now, this one ranks him at No. 5, and if it weren't for the great clips to follow, could very well lead the list.  

4. Dwyane Wade on Anderson Varejao

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    This was the dunk of the season in 2009-10.

    I wonder if this is when LeBron decided that he'd be playing alongside Wade in Miami.

3. Michael Jordan on Patrick Ewing

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    Another Jumpman dunk in the top five? Obviously.

    This is one of the most powerful and iconic dunks of all time, and it's doubtful that will ever change. 

2. Vince Carter on Frederic Weis

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    Does this one even need an explanation?

    And is there anyone who hasn't seen this?

    It's too bad Carter can't do this anymore. 

1. Shaquille O'Neal on Kelvin Cato

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    Many thought that Carter's Olympic dunk would be top dog, but Shaq's combination of balance and athleticism allowed him to make Kelvin Cato look flat-out stupid.

    Look how far he is from the bucket when he takes flight!

    He earned his nickname of "The Diesel" with this one.