Cleveland Cavaliers: Finding a Competitor Who Wants to Dominate the Former King

Jake DContributor IIIMarch 16, 2011

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team in decline.

They have some young, exciting talent; however, the only way the Cavaliers can hope to change their luck is through this and future year's drafts.

This season, the names of Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes, Enes Kanter and Perry Jones are being used as potential picks for the Cavs. If the Cavs do in fact end up draft Irving, he will make an impact, but the Cavaliers will still not be complete.

I'd like to introduce you to Austin Rivers, a high school shooting guard and son of Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers. He is currently the best high school basketball player in the country.

In case you haven't seen any of the various interviews this kid has done (ESPN's scouting report is here), he stated publicly:

"A lot of people ask me who I’ve met through my dad, and they’re in awe when they hear the names of the players, but I’ve never looked at it like that. It’s cool meeting all of them, but I really want to be in their situation one day.

"I don’t want to just meet LeBron, I want to destroy him on the court one day.”

A guy that wants to destroy LeBron James on the court? Count me in.

On SportsCenter yesterday, Rivers refined his statement by saying that he's a competitor at heart and that he's not afraid of playing any player on the court, LeBron James included. He is a true competitor and many NBA scouts believe that he is talented enough to go the NBA straight out of high school.

This isn't a possibility under the current rules, but it makes for an interesting discussion.

As ESPN says, he uses the jab step very effectively. Pair this guy with Kyrie Irving and Enes Kanter or Perry Jones and you now have a young, dynamic team—one that may be able to compete against Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Miami.

Hopefully, the Cavs tank next season so that they have a shot at this guy, should he choose to commit to the draft; this seems like the most logical option, seeing as many scouts say he's NBA worthy right now.

Rivers has signed a letter of intent with the Duke Blue Devils next season and will be spending at least his freshman year there in hopes of going to the NBA.

When asked on SportsCenter if he'd like to play for his dad, Rivers said, "He's always been my coach. I think it'd be cool to play against him."

I'm really starting to like this kid. His talent speak for itself and he plays the game with skill and fearlessness.