1. Clippers' Doc Rivers took road trip into mountains to escape https://t.co/92CfEHrOWe

  2. Green, Walton Brush Off Doc Rivers Calling Them Lucky

  3. Doc also said he plans on starting Paul Pierce again

  4. Doc Rivers says Chris Paul, J.J. Redick not likely to play vs. Warriors https://t.co/93BGb78mR3

  5. Chris Paul, J.J. Redick not likely to play against Warriors, Doc Rivers says https://t.co/0NYGNv5zFA

  6. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers said Chris Paul (groin) will play and J.J. Redick (back) most likely will not play tonight.

  7. Doc said Chris Paul will play, Redick most likely won't

  8. Doc Rivers says Chris Paul will play vs. Warriors tonight and JJ Redick "most likely not"

  9. Doc Rivers addresses the media ahead of tonight's game vs. the Golden State Warriors. Watch: https://t.co/IgQGnMkTXW https://t.co/2TVw0Da4pH

  10. Doc Rivers says Chris Paul will play, but JJ Redick most likely not

  11. Chris Paul (groin strain) shouldn't be half-speed tonight vs. Warriors. Doc said CP "looked normal, looked great" in practice yesterday.

  12. Chris Paul (groin) will play vs. Warriors, Doc Rivers says. JJ Redick (back) likely out: https://t.co/xqvuex5RG5 https://t.co/xRgsEltAgG

  13. Doc Rivers announced that @CP3 will play tonight against the Warriors. Details » https://t.co/fEWsuCcKbg https://t.co/dzxcBdsgdn

  14. Doc Rivers: Chris Paul plays, J.J. Redick unlikely vs. Warriors. https://t.co/T7E0CYpPqR https://t.co/ovFuWGsUzo

  15. Doc Rivers gets a T now.

  16. DJ gets a tech, moments later another issued to Doc for arguing Chris Paul should've gotten three shots on a foul

  17. Reggie Miller just regurgitated the “Doc Rivers said the Warriors were lucky” line w/out context.

  18. Pretty significant that Doc has gone with 8 man rotation tonight

  19. Chances are Doc Rivers loses his voice after this game.

  20. Tweet I never expected to type in my life - Luke Walton totally out coached Doc Rivers.

  21. Doc Rivers on Lance Stephenson: "He will [help us]. Just not right now."

  22. Doc Rivers: "We know we’re close, but close isn’t good enough. We gotta finish the games."

  23. When will Doc realize Blake struggles backing down Draymond? It's just too low percentage. But it's a guarantee LAC will try down stretch

  24. Clippers' problem: Their bigs not as good as Warriors' smalls. Time for Doc Rivers to re-think DeAndre Jordan. https://t.co/mDeoPsUOGc

  25. Doc Rivers says Lance Stephenson will help Clippers but 'not right now' https://t.co/StxY4OzwxT https://t.co/jQWoniXbN9

  26. Doc joked and asked if he can put age down as an injury for Pierce. He said Chris Paul came out of last night fine.

  27. Ed Davis had 10 offensive rebounds. So did the Clippers. Doc said the Clippers need to figure out their issues on the glass.

  28. Doc Rivers addresses the media before today's game vs. the Toronto Raptors. Watch: https://t.co/IgQGnMkTXW https://t.co/tWebOMxZfo

  29. Doc Rivers addresses the media following today's game. Watch: https://t.co/IgQGnMkTXW https://t.co/5UM0cvOWBS

  30. "I'm not proud of anyone right now -- including me." -- Doc Rivers

  31. Didn’t get to watch Clippers live, but if Doc’s looking for a quick fix, someone should inform him there’s always money in the banana stand.

  32. Connect the dots of 3 trades in a week and the Hornets traded Lance Stephenson for Jeremy Lamb and Spencer Hawes. Doc Rivers got fleeced.

  33. Now say if Doc Rivers and the Clippers keep losing at this rate, which LA coach is safer? Maybe Byron - though I think Doc/LAC will be fine