Philadelphia 76ers 2010-11 Preview: Starting Lineups

Bradley ChandlerCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2010

Philadelphia 76ers 2010-11 Preview: Starting Lineups

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    (Philadelphia, PA)- 2010-11 is going to be a rebuilding year for the Philadelphia 76ers.

    With a new head coach in Doug Collins as well as a new team president in Rod Thorn, the team hopes to take steps forward and leave their 27-55 season behind them.

    The Sixers are also looking into cashing in on what they believe is good luck. The Sixers were the real winners in the NBA draft lottery, grabbing the second overall spot, where they took potential starter Evan Turner from Ohio State.

    Just like anything in the game of basketball, the starting lineup will be primarily based on their opponents.

    In this slideshow, I hope to give multiple options of what the Sixers could be sending onto the court this season.

    Understand that I took a few things into account when making these lineups. The first being that the Sixers will allow Evan Turner to start from Game One.

    It is still unknown whether he will be ready for the opening game, but with all hopes the team is looking at putting Turner and point guard Jrue Holiday into a position of developing their backcourt of the future.

Complete Roster

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    The 2010-11 Sixers roster is a very defensive heavy and forward packed lineup. Right now the Sixers have a 14-man roster so there is still a chance they will add another player before Opening Night.

    Also guard WIllie Green did enact his early terminate option of his contract, so he can still be considered a free agent, but at the meantime he is still listed on the team site as a member of the organization.

    2010-11 Roster: (listed alphabetically)

    1. Tony Battie
    2. Elton Brand
    3. Willie Green
    4. Spencer Hawes
    5. Jrue Holiday
    6. Andre Iguodala
    7. Jason Kapono
    8. Jodie Meeks
    9. Andres Nocioni
    10. Jason Smith
    11. Marreese Speights
    12. Evan Turner
    13. Lou Williams
    14. Thaddeus Young

Opening Starters

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    Even though the Sixers will have arguably the hardest opening night game, against the new-look Miami Heat, the team will most likely send out this group as the ideal starting five.

    PG: Jrue Holiday (6'4 180 lbs. 2nd season)
    SG: Evan Turner (6'7 205 lbs. Rookie)
    SF: Andre Iguodala (6'6 207 lbs. 6th season)
    PF: Elton Brand (6'9 254 lbs. 11th season)
    C: Marreese Speights (6'10 245 lbs. 3rd season)

    First off bench:
    F: Thad Young (6'8 220 lbs. 3rd season)
    G: Lou Williams (6'1 175 lbs. 5th season)

    There are a few deciding factors in this decision. The first being Evan Turner's ability to start right away. The second being center Spencer Hawes.

    If Hawes plays like the team hopes, he will take over the starting center position and could lead us to this option, especially if they are facing a group with a larger low-post game.

Big-Man Roster

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    Starting Lineup-
    : Evan Turner / Jrue Holiday
    SG: Andre Iguodala
    SF: Thaddeus Young
    PF: Marreese Speights
    C: Spencer Hawes

    First off bench:
    F: Elton Brand
    G: Jrue Holiday / Evan Turner

    This type of lineup will be used when they play teams with power forward and centers in the 7-foot range.

    The key differences are Hawes at the starting center, which will allow them to move Speights to the PF position. Also instead of having Andre Iguodala at the three he will slide up to the two guard position.

    This move allows Thaddeus Young to become a starter and see crucial on-court time.

    The final key difference is the point guard. I put both Turner and Holiday at the point because this will once again depend on how quickly Turner can adapt to the pro game.

    He played a lot of point guard in his final year at Ohio State and could prove versatile in this type of lineup.

Guard-Heavy Lineup

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    There will be occasions when a true big man will not be necessary and that is where this lineup will come into player.

    As you see in this situation, the Sixers will keep there standard Holiday/Turner backcourt but they will change their look in the low post.

    In this, Andre Iguodala will see time at the small forward and Thaddeus Young will play the four. The real decision in this lineup will be at the center position.

    The team has different option when it comes to the center. Depending on the type of season and condition that Elton Brand will be playing in this year he could see time at the center position in this lineup.

    If Brand underperforms like he did last season expect to see Marreese Speights at the five.

    This lineup will come into play when they play teams without a designated center, specifically teams like OKC and Phoenix that rely on essentially two PF in their low post.

    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Evan Turner
    SF: Andre Iguodala
    PF: Thaddeus Young
    C: Marreese Speights or Elton Brand

    First off the bench:
    G: Lou Williams or Andres Nocioni
    F: Andre Nocioni or Elton Brand

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