Mark Cuban Says NBA Should Consider Moving Back 3-Point Line

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Mark Cuban Says NBA Should Consider Moving Back 3-Point Line
Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

Mark Cuban is always thinking of ways to revolutionize the NBA, such as expanding the playoffs to 20 teams or changing the format of the draft lottery.

The Dallas Mavericks owner's latest idea is moving the three-point line back.

"It's not long before the discussion will startand I guess I should start itabout pushing back the three-point line," Cuban said, per Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News. "Guys are shooting them from a foot behind it, anyway."

There has been a sharp increase in three-pointers attempted around the league in the last two years. In 2013-14, the Houston Rockets led the NBA with an average of 26.6 threes attempted per game. The following year, they attempted 6.1 more threes per game.

This season, the top six teams in the NBA are averaging at least 28 threes attempted per game. The Mavericks are one of those teams, attempting 28.1 per game.

2015-16 League Leaders: Three-Point Attempts
Rank Team Average
1 Houston Rockets 31.2
2 Golden State Warriors 30.6
3 Charlotte Hornets 29.4
4 Portland Trail Blazers 28.5
5 Cleveland Cavaliers 28.2
6 Dallas Mavericks 28.1

"I don't think the number of shots would decline. But I think it would reward skill, and at the same time, it opens up the court for more drives, more mid-range game," Cuban said, per Sefko. "It would open it up so guys with different skill sets could play. Guys with mid-range games would be rewarded."

The three-point line is 23 feet, nine inches away from the basket at the top of the key and 22 feet from the basket at the corners, per Sefko. The NBA has become a three-point league with players such as Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant showcasing unlimited range on some nights.

Adding a degree of difficulty to long-range shots could diversify the game and showcase the other skills players possess beyond standing behind the three-point line.

"Right now, if you can't shoot a three, you can't shoot," Cuban said, per Sefko.

Three-point percentages courtesy of Follow Danny Webster on Twitter.

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