Twitter Reacts to Paul George's Leg Injury in Team USA Scrimmage

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2014

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A basketball scrimmage between members of the United States men's national team turned ugly when Paul George was carried off due to a gruesome leg injury.

You can view the injury here. (Warning: Video contains graphic images.)

George was upbeat in his first message following the incident:

Still, the initial injury was so severe that head coach Mike Krzyzewski called off the rest of the game:

The injury itself compares to Lawrence Taylor's hit on Joe Theismann and, more recently, Kevin Ware's injury in the 2013 NCAA tournament:

Ware himself provided his own reaction to George’s injury:

Oddly enough, Krzyzewski was also in the building for Ware's injury:

The Duke coach was leading the Blue Devils against Louisville in the 2013 Elite Eight when Ware broke his leg.

Lang Whitaker of was also shaken after the injury:

Pacers teammate Roy Hibbert's reaction was short and to the point:

Rival players such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade all expressed their sympathy for George:

Other veterans added their thoughts while showing the strong bond among NBA players:

Meanwhile, those covering the game on ESPN were also concerned:

Shaun Livingston, who knows what it takes to work his way back from a leg injury, thinks George should be back:

Pacers president Larry Bird released a statement regarding the incident on the team's official Twitter account:

Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski weighed in on how this may impact international basketball play:

Unfortunately, this seems like something that will keep George out for a long time, as Turner Sports' Matt Winer speculated:

Winer thinks this will affect Team USA basketball in the future:

At the very least, playing in scrimmages will give guys second thoughts:

A cause of the injury can be traced to the basket stanchions being closer than usual:

That thought quickly spread, with many concerned about player safety:

No matter which NBA team we root for, we all wish George a speedy recovery.


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