1. Paul George and CJ Miles now have 24 points on 16 shots. Rest of the team is at 19 on 28.

  2. PG Drops 40 as Pacers Dump Wizards 123-106

  3. Paul George on himself and C.J. Miles in his TV interview: "We're the East Coast Splash Brothers. I'm kidding. Twitter, I'm kidding."

  4. George: I'm Better Now Than Before Horrific Leg Injury

  5. Paul George Willing to Do It All for Pacers

  6. Signature Paul George Off-Target Pass (patent pending) but good look and excellent play overall. https://t.co/eoFpznXTrM

  7. Sure, Paul George.

  8. Paul George Is Keeping the Pacers Relevant

  9. George Leads Pacers Past Winless 76ers, 112-85

  10. Fact or Fiction: Cavs' Chemistry, PG's Return & Cuban's Claim

  11. It's so weird that Paul George has such an uncanny instinct of when he can steal a pass yet throws such easily stealable passes.

  12. Paul George with another Colin Kaepernick pass. My lord. Monta somehow got it before the defender and drew a foul at least.

  13. A floater from Paul George gives him 26 points tonight and puts the #Pacers within 2 with 3:00 on the clock.

  14. Watching Paul George Regain His Superstar Form

  15. Pacers, George Trying to Get Up to Speed with Each Other

  16. Despite Loss, PG-13 Gets R-Rated in Crunch Time

  17. Paul George just looked at Tony Snell guarding him with disgust. Like his GM used to with lesser talents. #BetterGetSomoneElseOutHereCoach

  18. Paul George with two absolute First-Team All-NBA buckets late here. Then tried to force a third and just a bit off with the fadeaway J.

  19. PAUL GEORGE. That spin dribble. MAAAAN. Nice kick out, too. CJ just couldn't knock it down.

  20. Did Paul George Get Fouled on the Last Play?

  21. PG on His Long Jumpers: I'm Not a Fan of Analytics

  22. Despite His Distaste for Analytics, New System Brings Out Best of PG

  23. Paul George in charge here late.

  24. Paul George’s final shot was well contested by Jimmy Butler. #Pacers Twitter People say Butler fouled PG. What say you, Frank Vogel?

  25. George Scores 29, Pacers Beat T-Wolves for 6th Win in 7 Games

  26. George Scores 27 to Lead Pacers Past Magic 97-84

  27. Paul George's 19 first quarter points set a new career high for 1st quarter points and points in a quarter.

  28. With 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists last night, @Yg_Trece has had 7 straight games with 20 or more points. https://t.co/6Iw42I0TIN

  29. LeBron Provided George with a Hunger That Could Bite Cleveland

  30. George Is Back to Playing Like a Superstar for the Pacers

  31. "Will Paul George make an All-NBA team this year?" https://t.co/OILgujx0VY https://t.co/nY865BdSYN

  32. "Is it realistic for Paul George to ever win a Defensive Player of the Year award?" https://t.co/OILgujx0VY https://t.co/lh65Cg5L0s

  33. Paul George Not Scared of Cavaliers After Losing First Meeting

  34. George Scores 36 Points to Help Pacers Move to 3-3

  35. Tonight’s #Pacers starters against the @Sixers: Monta Ellis C.J. Miles Paul George Lavoy Allen Ian Mahinmi

  36. How Is the Pacers' Small-ball Experiment Going?

  37. Video: George's Recovery and Return to Game He Loves

  38. Official Scorer Sixers Turnover: Passing Near Paul George

  39. Some of his passes make you wonder if Paul George thinks that defenders are gaseous.

  40. Watch: PG Pumps, Drives & Slams vs. Jazz

  41. Paul George Fined $10K for Criticizing Officials

  42. Paul George + CJ Miles trailing the Sixers 40-36.

  43. A Paul George 3 pulls Paul George + CJ Miles within 1 of the Sixers. 19 minutes to play. Still plenty of time.

  44. Pacers' Paul George fined $10k for public criticism of officiating following game in Toronto on Oct. 28.

  45. George: Pacers Frustrated by 'a Lot of Bad Calls' in Opener

  46. Paul George is on . He's scored 11 points here in the 3rd and now has 24 points so far tonight. https://t.co/aTpGF1xD9a

  47. Now with 26 points tonight, @Yg_Trece has had eight straight games of scoring 26 points or more.

  48. George Says He's 'More at Ease' About Playing Stretch-4

  49. Paul George Ranked 26th Best NBA Player by ESPN

  50. Paul George would easily drop 40 tonight but is unlikely to see a second of the 4th. He has 31 pts, 8 reb, 4 ast, 4 stl in 26 mins so far.

  51. End of the 3rd: #Pacers 84, Sixers 62 Paul George scored 21 in that quarter and leads all scorers now with 34pts. https://t.co/ZwtXRPuX5b

  52. Watch Out, Rims: Paul George Is Officially Back

  53. J.R. Breaks PG13's Ankles

  54. Paul George + CJ Miles through 3 quarters: 54 points, 20/35 FGs (57%), 9/17 3s (53%), 9 boards, 7 assists, 5 steals

  55. Paul George Drops 20 Points in 1st Quarter of Preseason Game

  56. Doyel: George Backs Off on Position Issue...for Now

  57. With 4 steals tonight, @Yg_Trece has 488 for his career, tying with Travis Best for 10th-most in franchise history. https://t.co/eID3emt2AA

  58. George No on Board with Playing the 4 After 'Clarification'

  59. PG: 'I Don’t Know If I’m Cut Out for a 4 Spot'

  60. Post-Game Grades: Paul George, Pacers Trust The Process, Dust the Sixers https://t.co/dPR4NaYF04 https://t.co/wgdJ901PSp

  61. Post-Game Grades: Paul George, Indiana Pacers Trust The Process https://t.co/pWimRcpitl #pacers

  62. PG-13's Return, Big Man Woes & Bleached Hair: 2015-16 Pacers Preview

  63. Paul George Says He Believes He Can Be MVP

  64. Paul George, Solomon Hill Break the Philadelphia 76ers Ankles #stankyleg https://t.co/rRYfr66DDj https://t.co/eTW98tyzpU

  65. Paul George, Solomon Hill Break the Philadelphia 76ers Ankles https://t.co/PkPtpjpbkf #pacers

  66. George 'Not Thrilled' About Transition to PF

  67. Paul George Graces Cover of NBA 2K16 Mobile App

  68. Paul George scored 21 of his 34 points in the 3rd quarter in last night's #PacersWin over the Sixers: https://t.co/3ovAa5hirs

  69. Paul George Drops 34 Points in 3 Quarters https://t.co/QpYP5t88DV https://t.co/ECZUmmVN2y

  70. 10 Most Important Comebacks of 2015-16 Season

  71. Paul George Prime Candidate for Comeback Season

  72. Wrote on Paul George's insanely good start to the year for @FanSided. You should read it. https://t.co/7VnRgzZDGm

  73. Paul George Drops 34 Points in Indiana Pacers Victory Over 76ers https://t.co/lugl03Q0hs #pacers