Best Highlights from 1st-Round Action on Tuesday, April 22

By Joe Flynn (Photo: Ron Turenne/Getty Images)

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    Can Pacers Maintain Vintage Form?

    by Jim Cavan

    While most bears awoke from winter hibernation weeks ago, it took the Indiana Pacers six more quarters of bad basketball—the metaphorical equivalent of a pack of predators seizing on their caveâ€... Read More »

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    Paul George: Game 2 Is 'Must-Win'

    by Dan Favale

    How does that age-old NBA cliche go again? Oh, right: This game is a must-win. Fans tire of hearing it, but it's an adage thrown around often this time of year, when the playoffs ... Read More »

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    What Pacers Need from Paul George in Playoffs

    by Greg Swartz

    If the Indiana Pacers hope to avoid an early playoff exit, they'll need Paul George to step up his game. The Pacers are clearly in turmoil, having dropped their series opener to the Atlanta H... Read More »

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    Pacers to Take On Banged-Up Hawks

    by Tom Sunnergren

    In order to move forward in the postseason, the Indiana Pacers are going to have to look back to how they played in the season’s first few months. The journey starts in Bankers Life Fieldhouse on... Read More »

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    Complete Guide to Pacers' Postseason

    by Micky Shaked

    The NBA ’s second season tips this weekend, and the top-seeded Indiana Pacers kick off their championship run against No. 8-seed Atlanta Hawks . They fall in the same bracket as the Chicago... Read More »