Lakers Took Time Away from Beating the Rockets to Play Tag with Dwight Howard

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 8, 2013

There is a very immature child alive and well in each of us who really wants to believe the Los Angeles Lakers were playing freeze tag with Dwight Howard while an actual NBA game was occurring. 

Next Impulse Sports' John Ferensen spotted the GIF below that features a small, digestible moment from Thursday night's topsy-turvy clash between the Lakers and Houston Rockets. 

The GIF is from SB Nation and features, well, just look:

(GIF Credit: SB Nation)

You're it!

That seems to be Chris Kaman attempting to tag Dwight Howard because he will have to sit in the mush pot otherwise, and that's when his good buddy, Jodie Meeks, comes sprinting over to freeze Howard—but he's not freezing. 

We now await outrage from the sports world. 

OK, if you are the kind of person who isn't fun at parties and likes things a bit more realistic, this is a moment during the game the Lakers were employing the hack-a-Dwight strategy, fouling the Rockets center because he is so bad at free throws it's a near certainty a brick exhibition ensues after the infraction. 

Ultimately, the Lakers would win off a late three from Steve Blake, a player we all had in our "will totally save the Lakers' day" pool back at work. 

It's also worth noting Howard missed seven free throws in the last 3:34 of the game, so we imagine teams around the league are getting some tag shenanigans in toward the end of practice—at least they should.


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