10 Things LeBron James Is Better Than You At

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 28, 2013

10 Things LeBron James Is Better Than You At

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    Judging by our own unofficial and less-than-scientific study, we have come to the conclusion that LeBron James can do it all. 

    The start of basketball season and recent jibber jabber that King James could ever don a football uniform and do that sport justice got us thinking: Who does this guy think he is?

    By now you have seen the tweet that James says he wants to play in at least one NFL game before his career in sports comes to a conclusion. 

    This is the same guy who made throwing chalk into the air a worthwhile moment, so we have to offer one big, "Sure, why the hell not?" 

    With two titles, four MVP awards and a bevy of talent, the age of hating on James has ended, leading to a much more enjoyable era of lauding the game's best talent. 

    But he can certainly hold his own in pretty much any area outside basketball. From the absurd to the whimsical, let's show you all the ways this guy has you beat. 

Bowling with Swag

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    Usual jaunts to the bowling alley consist of pitchers of beer and heaping praise on your buddies for their very excellent attempt at breaking 100. 

    Here is a video from a Chris Paul event that saw some of the NBA's biggest names toss on their best bowling shirt and take aim at some stubborn pins. 

    At the 55-second mark you can see how an NBA star holds it down on the lanes, tossing a strike with ease. 

    It sort of puts my own exploits with the pink ball and bumpers up well into perspective. 

Acting Part I

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    First off, be warned that the video does have a NSFW word thrown into the mix, as can be expected with a snippet from Entourage

    Second, sit back and appreciate the wonder and awe that is James playing James. 

    When you consider an accomplished actor like Tara Reid had issues playing a convincing human being in Sharknado, you will see my side of things and retroactively award James his Emmy. 



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    The only counting you do is to assess the tip at the end of a meal, and even then you are working far too hard to come to the grand total. 

    When James counts, he sets the entire sports world on fire, and he didn't even have to reach 10. 

He's the Best at Throwing Chalk

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    You know how famous and beloved I want to be?

    I want to be able to throw some damn chalk in the air and have people applaud as if they just saw me ride a unicycle on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon. 

    Nobody has ever been so successful at throwing dust than James. 

Acting Part II

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    Try as I might, I couldn't find this wonderful collection of flops credited on IMDB. Still, we have to go ahead and say what's on everybody's mind: James is a tremendous thespian. 

    Now that is some fine acting. Get this man an Oscar and we are one step closer to delivering the king his well-earned E.G.O.T. 


Tossing a Baseball

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    Here is a video from June of 2003 that proves James has a better idea of the strike zone than the Cardinals Lance Lynn. 

    While you might be sitting there with your jaded hat on crossing your arms like the cynic you are as you proclaim this is a bit of a stretch, consider that things can always be worse for NBA stars on a pitcher's mound. 



Beatboxing Masterclass

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    No big whoop, it's just James relaxing and generally being excellent at it. While most of you get massages and devolve into useless blobs, slobbering the second you pass out from relaxation, James passes the time with some sick beats. 

    OK, it's not Rahzel, but consider this is James at his most relaxed. 

    This is like dropping a double-double on the Bobcats with one arm tied behind his back, which is more plausible than you might think. 


Rapper's Delight

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    The posted video is TMZ's assessment of LeBron James' recent foray into rapping on Instagram. You can hear the uninterrupted snippets on For the Win

    We have to agree with the general consensus, which is a resounding, "Not bad."

    Certainly don't quit your day job of making millions by playing basketball, but the flow and syncopation was certainly enough to keep our interest for 20 seconds. 

    Um, should we have a Grammy award ready?


Always the Showman

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    Horrible? Maybe. 

    If you are grading on singing ability, and we aren't sure why you would go to such measures when karaoke is in question, then some of you may have something on James here. 

    In fact, if you can hit any key whatsoever, you have him beat. 

    However, when you are talking about putting on a show the fans at Shane Battier's annual Battioke will appreciate, the king is very much in his element. 

Dropping Filthy Skills on the Dance Floor

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    If you take anything away from this list, it should be the realization battling James on the basketball court or dance floor are bad ideas. 

    If you abide by that one rule, you should live your life with minimal shame. 

    Here is a fun video from what is apparently some dance battle James and Dwyane Wade had with Damon Jones and Alonzo Mourning. 

    Yeah, I didn't think my day would include footage of something like this either. 

    The thing is, James is just doing what comes natural. Even during a timeout he can't help but move. Now you have been sufficiently warned. 


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