Kevin Durant Throwing Down Dunks in the Offseason Is Still Pretty Impressive

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 22, 2013

Good thing we have this video to remind us of how spectacular Kevin Durant is at this basketball stuff. 

Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin spotted this rare moment of basketball prowess on display in the dead of the NBA offseason. 

The Oklahoma City Thunder star is taking part in the Washington D.C.-based Goodman league, which comes on the heels of the widely popular Drew League coming to a close for the season. 

Essentially, NBA players get to keep their skills sharp while destroying amateurs off the dribble. In return, fans get some highlights like the ones posted. 

We live in an amazing time, when even summer can't rob us of video of our favorite basketball stars throwing down the hammer over defenders foolish enough to stand in their way. 

Really, there isn't a whole lot to break down here. Durant shows he is in midseason form by going left on his defender and taking the ball to the hoop. The rest of the team, wisely, stands back and watches the dunk unfold. 

He then does the same thing in his next dunk with a far more passionate exclamation point stamped at the end. 

Ho-hum, that's just Durant doing what he does best. 

Now, if the Drew League is any guide, we are going to get far more scintillating highlights shortly. Nick Young got dunked on, JaVale McGee added to his mixtape, and Durant even got in on the fun

The best in the game never take a second off, even during beach season. Go ahead and click refresh on this here Internet machine, because something tells me the Goodman league is about to go off. 

As for players tasked with defending Durant, it might be best to just stay out of his way. 


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