Re-Drafting 2013 NBA Draft Based on Summer League Revelations

D.J. Foster@@fosterdjContributor IJuly 23, 2013

Re-Drafting 2013 NBA Draft Based on Summer League Revelations

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    Summer league provided fans and teams alike a first glimpse at the 2013 rookie class. While some draft picks missed out on summer league, it still provided a good opportunity to reinforce things we already knew as well as add to our knowledge base surrounding the 2013 draft picks.

    What would happen if teams knew on draft day what they knew now after summer league? For the sake of this exercise, all draft-day trades took place and we have no knowledge of free-agency signings. Just imagine if summer league happened before the draft.

    Here's how it all might play out.


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    1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Anthony Bennett
    2. Orlando Magic: Victor Oladipo
    3. Washington Wizards: Otto Porter
    4. Charlotte Bobcats: Cody Zeller
    5. Phoenix Suns: Alex Len

    Look familiar? That's because the top five stayed the same. No one in Las Vegas or Orlando stood out enough to make the Cleveland Cavaliers change their mind on Anthony Bennett, who missed the proceedings with an injury the Cavs front office was fully aware of.

    Victor Oladipo looked great in the Orlando Summer League, so he stays at pick No. 2 to a happy Orlando Magic team.

    The Washington Wizards know Otto Porter is a "glue guy" who thrives in structure, and Las Vegas doesn't provide that for anyone. The Wizards might be tempted to go elsewhere, but with no positional match or big climbers in Vegas, they're willing to look past a few rough games in the desert. 

    The Charlotte Bobcats feel good about Cody Zeller again, as he showed off some nice stretch in Las Vegas and all the mobility and athleticism that was advertised. He may never be an impact defender, but Zeller upped his stock with his offensive play.

    The Phoenix Suns stay put with a potential franchise big man, primarily because the other one (Nerlens Noel) didn't play, either. No changes here.



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    6. Philadelphia 76ers: Nerlens Noel
    7. Sacramento Kings: Ben McLemore
    8. Detroit Pistons: C.J. McCollum
    9. Utah Jazz: Dennis Schroeder
    10. Portland Trail Blazers: Michael Carter-Williams

    Our first changes!

    The New Orleans Pelicans still pull off their huge trade with the Philadelphia 76ers and take Nerlens Noel for them here. Noel's stock is right where it was.

    Ben McLemore had a very up-and-down summer league. He scored over 25 points twice, but he also registered 18 turnovers and zero assists. Still, the Sacramento Kings like his potential as a pure scorer and are willing to deal with the games where he puts the blinders on and ignores everyone else on the floor. 

    The Detroit Pistons welcome the point guard help and the scoring C.J. McCollum brings to the table and pass on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. No one looked more dangerous in isolation than McCollum, and the elite ball-handling skills win out over Caldwell-Pope's shaky shooting performance in Orlando.

    The Utah Jazz still trade up for a point guard, but this time, it's for Dennis Schroeder. Trey Burke's brutal shooting performance and complete inability to score at the rim in Orlando greased the wheels for the choice, but give credit to Schroeder as well.

    Drawing comparisons to Rajon Rondo, Schroeder defended his position very effectively and showed natural point guard instincts. Utah hopes the team can make up for the dip in scoring elsewhere.

    The Portland Trail Blazers are bummed that McCollum is no longer there, but they get to team up Damian Lillard with some size and take Michael Carter-Williams. MCW struggled mightily as a scorer in Orlando, but he gamely distributed and rebounded, providing an interesting backcourt mate for last season's rookie of the year.


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    11. Philadelphia 76ers: Trey Burke
    12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Steven Adams
    13. Boston Celtics: Kelly Olynyk
    14. Minnesota Timberwolves: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
    15. Milwaukee Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo

    The Philadelphia 76ers still end up with a point guard for the future in Trey Burke, who stops sliding just enough to land in another position where he could win Rookie of the Year.

    The Oklahoma City Thunder are tempted to go with Kelly Olynyk after his big performance in Orlando, but ultimately they opt for size, rebounding and defense and stick with Adams as the better fit.

    The Boston Celtics still make the move for Kelly Olynyk and set themselves up for crushing disappointment by thinking he will be Kevin McHale 2.0.

    The Minnesota Timberwolves grab a perimeter threat in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who is great value at this point. Shabazz Muhammad just might be a little too high maintenance compared to him.

    The Milwaukee Bucks stick with their man Giannis. He's put up some nice stat lines overseas while others have been in summer league, so the Bucks are happy to still have the lanky forward here.


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    16. Atlanta Hawks: Lucas Nogueira
    17. Atlanta Hawks: Archie Goodwin
    18. Dallas Mavericks: Shabazz Muhammad
    19. Cleveland Cavaliers: Sergey Karasev
    20. Chicago Bulls: Reggie Bullock

    The Atlanta Hawks escape with a high-energy big man in Lucas Nogueira again, and they pair him with a long, active, explosive wing in Archie Goodwin, who is the draft's biggest riser. Many viewers at summer league wondered exactly how someone as talented as Goodwin could fall so far. 

    Shabazz Muhammad doesn't fall far, as the Dallas Mavericks try to swing for the fences and take Muhammad to head up their second unit and use all the touches he can get. 

    The Cleveland Cavaliers stick with Sergey Karasev, mainly because the Cavs are pretty steadfast in who they like (see: Anthony Bennett, first pick).

    The Chicago Bulls swap shooters and take Reggie Bullock, who showed a phenomenal ability to run off screens and get open. With his size, defensive ability and jumper, the Bulls are willing to trade off the potential Tony Snell offers for a better philosophical fit.




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    21. Minnesota Timberwolves: Gorgui Dieng
    22. Brooklyn Nets: Shane Larkin
    23. Indiana Pacers: Mason Plumlee
    24. New York Knicks: Tim Hardaway Jr.
    25. Los Angeles Clippers: Tony Snell

    The Minnesota Timberwolves still want defense, and although Dieng didn't do much in Las Vegas, he should look better in the real games.

    The Brooklyn Nets nab a backup point guard for Deron Williams and take Shane Larkin, who magically is no longer out with an ankle injury. 

    With the Tyler/Ben Hansbrough connection broken up, the Pacers leap at the chance to reunite the brothers Plumlee and restore order to the universe.

    The New York Knicks still take Tim Hardaway, who drew rave reviews as a teammate despite not being able to play much in Vegas due to injury. 

    The Clippers take Tony Snell to give them a little scoring pop off the bench. 


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    26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Andre Roberson
    27. Utah Jazz: Rudy Gobert
    28. San Antonio Spurs: Livio Jean-Charles
    29. Phoenix Suns: James Ennis
    30. Golden State Warriors: Ray McCallum Jr.

    The Oklahoma City Thunder stick with Andre Roberson, but they give serious consideration to Deshaun Thomas, who looks like a big-time steal. 

    The Utah Jazz go with size (and surprisingly good mobility) to take Rudy Gobert once again.

    The San Antonio Spurs don't change their mind, because they are the San Antonio Spurs and don't put stock into a few games of summer league. 

    The Phoenix Suns, depressed about losing Archie Goodwin, go with a solid 3-and-D type to play with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe in James Ennis. He's a little less spectacular but still a great athlete. 

    The Golden State Warriors opt for a steady hand at point guard and take Ray McCallum Jr., a player who everyone seemed to fall in love with in Las Vegas.

    Biggest fall: Solomon Hill from 23rd to second round

    Biggest rise: Dennis Schroder from No. 17 to No. 9

    Second-round risers: Deshaun Thomas, James Ennis, Mike Muscala, Erik Murphy