50 Amazing Pictures of NBA Superstars on Draft Day

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistJune 28, 2013

50 Amazing Pictures of NBA Superstars on Draft Day

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    The 2013 NBA Draft is upon us and for many of these young men, this might end up being one of the happiest days of their lives. You'll see some stylish suits and some not-so-crazy ones. 

    This isn't the first time a group of young hoops stars got together for a night of draft fun. Oh, this has been going on for quite a while. Just ask the Commissioner. 

    Tonight is a night of hugs, kisses and more hugs. Wouldn't it be cool if all our jobs had a draft night like this? 

    Here's a bunch of happy guys on their draft night from years gone by. 

First Pick NBA Draft 2012

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    Here's last year's top pick Anthony Davis. 

2012 Rookie of the Year

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    Damian Lillard looked like he knew he was going to win the ROY.

Kyrie Irving Looking Dapper

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    Kyrie is already considered a great point guard.

Drafting of Manimal

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    Did the Nuggets know that Kenneth Faried would become The "Manimal"? 

John Wall Drafted

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    The Wizards star is still looking for help, but he was happy on draft day. 

2010 Draft Was Kentucky Day

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    DeMarcus Cousins was on his best behavior on draft night. 

Budding Superstar

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    Paul George looks like he'll be the next NBA superstar. 

Blake Griffin Went with the Purple Shirt

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    Very stylish...

Clippers Star on Draft Night

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    Here's another look at Griffin's purple attire. 

Ricky Rubio Comes to America

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    Ricky Rubio looked so young on draft night. 

James Harden on Draft Night

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    James Harden became an OKC Thunder on this night. And he looks happy about it. 

If You Notice...

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    "The Beard" was very young then.

Stephen Curry Getting a Hug from Dad

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    Del Curry taught his son how to shoot, and how to get drafted to the big show. 

Dapper Dresser

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    Some say Curry is the best shooter in the league right now. Present and future superstar. 

Here's Jrue

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    Another of the up-and-coming superstars.

Not Much Speculation

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    Everyone knew that the Chicago Bulls were going with Rose. 

Chicago's Favorite Son

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    The former MVP is hoping to be back on the court soon. 

Russell Westbrook Becomes a Supersonic, but Not for Long

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    Westbrook was a Sonic for less than a week before the team moved.

Sonics Become the Thunder

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    So this would mean Russ was the technically the first OKC Thunder player, right?

Kevin Love Drafted

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    UCLA did pretty good in 2008. 

Bruins Prosper

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    Love and Westbrook: two Bruins celebrate being lottery picks. 

Kevin Durant Says Hello World

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    The cornerstone of a franchise on the move. 

NBA Draft 2007

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    Not many of these guys became superstars, but a few look familiar. 

Second Best Player in the 2007 Draft?

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    Al Horford can make an argument for being the second best player of this draft. 

Or Is It This Guy?

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    Joakim Noah played with Al at Florida and has definitely been great in the pros. 

Everyone Remembers This Pic

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    He'll always be known for this pic. 

The Famous 2003 Draft

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    How many of these guys can you name?

Here Is One of the Miami 3

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    Here's Mr. Chris Bosh

Here Is Another Member

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    The G.O.A.T. by the time he's done?

Lots of Household Names

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    Here's a class pic, with the King included. 

The Man Who Started in Miami.

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    He's the leader of the Miami Heat Project, and now has three titles. 

This Seems so Long Ago

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    A smiling Dwight Howard, remember him?

Another 2004 Pick

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    Deng was all smiles when he got his handshake. 

This Was a Very Interesting Class

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    Some great picks, some not so great. 

He Started off Hot

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    Cooled off a bit, but is he back at the top of the class?

The Undisputed Best in Class

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    Chris Paul is the best in the game at point guard right now. 

Hey Laker Fans

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    Remember Andrew Bynum?

Danny Granger the Forgotten Pacer

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    Will he be a Pacer next year?

Stars at a Cross Roads

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    LaMarcus isn't the only one who has to remind people he's a star nowadays. 

NBA Fans Might Have Amnesia...

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    "Remember?" says Rudy Gay, (practicing in the mirror).

Superstars That Got Hurt

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    Yao Ming got drafted via video. If not for injuries...

Who Was the Class of This Class?

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    You decide... Lots of unfulfilled potential. 

Injured Future Stars, Part 2

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    How good would Amare be if he had stayed injury-free?

If You Got Three Guesses...

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    Would you know who this is?

If You Said Marc Gasol...

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    You'd be wrong. It's his brother, Pau. 

This Brooklyn Net...

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    Started off as a Boston Celtic. (Joe Johnson)

This New York Knick...

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    Has been on quite a few teams. (Tyson Chandler)

Before He Was, "The Truth"...

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    He was Paul Pierce (with a younger version of the commish).

Yes, It's True. Before He Was a Laker...

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    Kobe Bryant was a Hornet. 

The Great Olajuwon...

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    The one that started it all, for Mr. Stern.