Nike Celebrates LeBron James' Second NBA Championship with New 'Witness' Shirts

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Nike Celebrates LeBron James' Second NBA Championship with New 'Witness' Shirts
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Judging by Game 7's TV ratings, we were all witnesses to LeBron James' second NBA championship. I guess the correct spelling of that word would be "wiitnesses."

Here is a tweet from Nike showing off the fancy new shirt you can now buy, taking your affection for King James to the logical next level. 

LeBron James dropped mid-range jumpers like they were going out of style; Shane Battier had a resurgent night from behind the three-point line and the Spurs seemed to forget the basic tenets of basketball, dropping and bumbling balls all over the court. 

Yes, I witnessed every last emotional and shaky moment of a dramatic game that seesawed as best you could hope for in a series finale. 

Deadline Hollywood reports Game 7 garnered a 17.7 overnight rating, the second-highest rating for ABC since they started covering the NBA—coming second only to the 2010 Game 7 that saw the Lakers beat the Boston Celtics. 

Apparently, you were all witnesses as well. 

If you are wondering where all this spectator mumbo jumbo comes from, it hearkens to the famous marketing campaign Nike initially launched when James played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Since that time, the campaign has gone through a great many iterations. Some of the best are below. 

Even recent print ads seem all the more prescient considering Thursday night's 95-88 Miami Heat victory. 

Photo Credit: Nike (via all sports Hype)

Of course, Nike hasn't been able to throw another "I" into the word until now. It's a minor change when you consider marketing campaigns, but means the world to James and his legacy. 

Yes, these "WIITNESS" shirts may be the best yet. 

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