Dos and Don'ts for NBA Fans at the Arena

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Dos and Don'ts for NBA Fans at the Arena
Christian Petersen/Getty Images
If the Death Star was staffed by the OKC Thunder...

Decades ago, George Carlin perfectly and hilariously delineated the different temperaments of football and baseball.

But what about basketball?

Well, that's somewhere in the middle. Basketball fandom doesn't quite approach the violent, frenzied fervor of the average football fan, but it also falls far short of the reserved, more relaxed attitudes found in the stands around the diamond. 

Fans attend games to have a good time, and that's precisely what happens for the most part. But as always, a few rotten apples can spoil the bunch.

I'm not talking about the mentally deranged who wander onto the court from time to time. Perhaps they're merely searching for the merch stand with the foam fingers.

I'm referring to those fans who make everyone else looks bad with their uncouth infractions, both big and small. Those are the don'ts. But to avoid being a Debbie Downer, I'll also identify some positive ways to conduct yourself at an NBA game.

So here's my twist on the old Animaniacs "Good Idea, Bad Idea" for attending an NBA game.

And if you're ever unsure whether what you're about to do might be inappropriate, just remember that there are almost certainly some kids within earshot.

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