LeBron James Demands Push-Ups from Bested Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers

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LeBron James doesn't mess around. 

The video, which comes from Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald, features James after what we assume was a rousing three-point contest. 

The YouTube description claims this all went down at Monday's practice, which followed the Miami Heat's 110-87 Game 1 win over the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday. 

If Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen are dragging their arms during Tuesday night's Game 2, it might be due to their failure to beat the forward in a shooting contest.

It seems James took down Chalmers and one of the best long-ball shooters in the game, Allen. Not one to let a bet slide, James demands the two give him their push-ups, all 20 of them.

We now have the Lou Brown of the NBA.  

While neither player seems to whine about the impromptu calisthenics, both seem to have their own special way of repaying their debt to the king. 

Allen is out for a Sunday stroll in push-up form, while Chalmers seems to be going with the quick and steady version, one that—if we are honest—looks far too shallow to warrant being called an actual push-up. 

That would be nitpicking a team that seems to be once again keyed in on the task at hand. The Heat finished the season with eight straight wins and cruised to a playoff-opening victory over Milwaukee. 

As for Allen and Chalmers, they better get some additional shooting in, because at this rate, they won't be able to lift their arms by the end of the postseason. 

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