Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade Dream About Each Other in New Gatorade Commercial

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 27, 2013

Forget the recurring nightmare you have about showing up to work, school or shuffleboard in your birthday suit, because Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant and Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade have more serious problems.

In Gatorade's latest commercial, we are gifted with a firsthand look into the psyches of two NBA superstars.

Our tale begins with Durant driving toward the rim and overcoming some pretty shoddy defense from Mario Chalmers. As he elevates off the hardwood, seemingly preparing for a poster-worthy slam, Mr. Wade comes over with the help defense and sends Durant's shot the other way.

It is then that Durant wakes up in a cold sweat (and pajamas that actually fit) from what was obviously the most nightmarish of nightmares.

Shaken by the horrors of having his shot blocked by Wade, Durant trains even harder, Gatorade products in hand.

We see him run, then take a Gatorade break. There's weight training, sit-ups, jump-rope and more Gatorade. Stationary bike, plyometric push-ups and more Gatorade. Another weight-lifting session, dunking practice and (you guessed it) more Gatorade.

All of that rigorous training appears to pay off when Durant eventually finds himself dunking over Wade at the buzzer.

Then Wade awakes from his own fictitious hell.

Seriously, Christopher Nolan couldn't even write this stuff. This is Inception taken to a whole new level.

In half-seriousness, this gets you wondering: Do NBA players really dream about each other whilst they sleep?

Does Jason Terry wake up in the middle of the night crying after reliving LeBron James' dunk in a dream? Did DeAndre Jordan envision himself becoming the cause of death for one Brandon Knight? Has Kobe Bryant ever had tormenting phantasms about being forced to hoist up fewer than 20 shots per game?

The possibilities are endless.

So is the ridiculousness.

If this is the equivalent of an NBA player's worst nightmare, then I'd hazard Durant and Wade have it pretty good.

Then again, I've never been dunked on or had my dunk attempt thwarted by a wily defender.

Anyway, make sure the message here resonates with you, and that you "win from within" moving forward.

Err on the side of caution before your head hits that pillow, too.

Lest your slumber see you become the victim of a horror such as this.