Watch Kevin Durant Play out of Position in Clever New Commercial

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistDecember 26, 2012

Kevin Durant is a chameleon.

No, seriously, he is.

As we've come to find out, the 6'9" Durant can score, rebound, pass, force turnovers, block shots and star in a movie (Thunderstruck) where he can't do any of those things.

Oh, he can also market cellphones while cleaning out gutters simultaneously.

In this Sprint commercial, Durant once again plays the part of a man out of sorts. Shrunken pajamas, discombobulated demeanor and bewildered look—he has it all.

That said, he never looks more out of place—or position—than when he's partaking in the grueling task of household chores.

"Go play. Mommy's got some things for daddy to do," Durant's wife says before having him clean out the gutters.

Call me crazy, but I could only focus on one thing from thereon: Why on earth wasn't he allowed to change out of his PJs before hitting the grind that average-sized people need a ladder for? Couldn't he at least change into a onesie? I mean come on, he looks ridiculous.

Alright, fine. We still love it.

Almost needless to say, I've tossed my Verizon-backed iPhone 5 in the trash in favor of any mobile device Sprint will give me, all in continued support of one Kevin Durant.

OK, I'm kidding. 

In all seriousness, though, LeBron James' barber shop, complete with his Samsung Galaxy Note II, has nothing on Durant's undersized jammies.