Updated 2013 Win-Loss Record Predictions for Every NBA Team at End of March

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIMarch 27, 2013

Updated 2013 Win-Loss Record Predictions for Every NBA Team at End of March

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    While the 2013 NCAA tournament steals headlines, the 2012-13 NBA regular season is coming to a close. With 30 franchises entering the final stretch, we're bound to see a battle for postseason positioning.

    The question is, what will each team's record look like come April 17?

    Some teams are closing well, having built momentum with long winning streaks. Others aren't faring as positively, as they've spent more time trailing opponents than they might have hoped.

    So how will the standings look at season's end? Let's find out.

Charlotte Bobcats

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    Projected Record: 18-64

    Current Record: 16-54

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Bobcats are in prime position to finish the season with the worst record in the league. They're one of just two teams with fewer than 20 wins.

    With 12 games remaining, there's a strong possibility that Charlotte fails to top 20 victories. By our projection, it'll only win two more games.

    Charlotte is home for Orlando and Cleveland, which offer up two opportunities for victory. Expect the Bobcats to cash in and get to 18. That will still leave them in position for the first pick in the NBA draft.

Orlando Magic

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    Projected Record: 19-63

    Current Record: 18-53

    Remaining Home Games: 4

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Magic would need to lose 10 of their final 11 games to reach 18-64. With that being said, their schedule is close to insurmountable.

    Orlando plays at Charlotte and home against the Washington Wizards. For those interested, Washington is 21-16 since John Wall returned.

    After that, the Magic are on the road against the Atlanta Hawks, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. Once that stretch is completed, they have games against the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Bulls and Miami Heat.

    It's seems plausible that they will lose 10 of those 11 games.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Projected Record: 26-56

    Current Record: 22-47

    Remaining Home Games: 7

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    With 13 games remaining, the Cavaliers will have the opportunity to provide their young players with valuable playing time. They'll also have the chance to finish on a high note with manageable victories and potential upsets, especially when they face the Miami Heat on April 15.

    The Cavaliers have a road game against the New Orleans Hornets and home games against the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons. While no game is a lock, Cleveland should be able to slip away with three wins.

    The game against New Orleans is tough, but one that the Cavs are more than capable of taking.

Detroit Pistons

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    Projected Record: 27-55

    Current Record: 24-48

    Remaining Home Games: 4

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Pistons are a team that many had high expectations for after the acquisition of point guard Jose Calderon. Unfortunately, they've fallen victim to injuries, as players such as Andre Drummond have gone down for extended periods of time.

    The question is, how will they close out?

    Detroit has four home games remaining. Each is manageable, although the Pistons could have trouble with the Chicago Bulls.

    However, both of their first two battles with Chicago have ended with single-digit losses. A revenge win could be on the horizon.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Projected Record: 30-52

    Current Record: 27-43

    Remaining Home Games: 4

    Remaining Road Games: 8


    Has any team been as disappointing as the 76ers? Not only are they guaranteed to finish below .500, but center Andrew Bynum will miss the remainder of the season.

    How much worse could it get?

    Philadelphia is 5-16 during its past 21 games, and it doesn't get any easier. They're unlikely to win more than half of their remaining games, especially with eight on the road.

    This is not what the Sixers expected entering this season.

Toronto Raptors

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    Projected Record: 31-51

    Current Record: 26-44

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Raptors have one of the most intriguing teams in the NBA. Not only do they possess supreme talent in Kyle Lowry and Rudy Gay, but their promising young players are beginning to come around.

    Unfortunately, it's unclear when Gay will return from a nagging back injury.

    Toronto has six home games and six manageable road games remaining. That includes a pair of games against both the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons.

    It will miss out on a split during its final 12 games, but should go 5-7 and finish 31-51.

Washington Wizards

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    Projected Record: 33-49

    Current Record: 26-44

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Wizards are 21-16 since John Wall returned from injury. For perspective on how much of an impact Wall is truly making, the Wizards were 5-28 without him.

    Need we say more?

    Washington has won seven of its past 10 games and appears poised to continue that success. The schedule does get difficult, but Washington can win seven of its final 12.

    Keep in mind that the final week could see postseason teams rest their starters.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    Projected Record: 41-41

    Current Record: 34-35

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Bucks are comfortably in control of the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, despite losing three consecutive games and six of their past eight.

    With 13 games remaining, the Bucks must win seven to finish .500.

    Milwaukee will be on the brink of that, as it has six games that it should be able to win. Whether it reaches 41 could depend on which players sit during the closing week.

    We'll give the Bucks the benefit of the doubt, as they will give the East a boost in reputation by finishing at  .500.

Boston Celtics

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    Projected Record: 44-38

    Current Record: 36-34

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    Four of the Celtics' final six road games are against teams with losing records. However, Boston is on a five-game losing streak.

    How Boston finishes the season will determine its playoff seeding. If the Celtics struggle and fall from seventh to eighth in the Eastern Conference, they would have to play the Miami Heat in the first round.

    Boston has six home games remaining, which suggests that it could close strong. The Celtics should be able to win eight of their final 12 games, thus reaching a respectable 44 victories.

    Even if they're struggling now, we've learned to never bet against Doc Rivers, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Chicago Bulls

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    Projected Record: 46-36

    Current Record: 38-31

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Bulls have 13 games remaining, nine of which are against teams with losing records.

    This opens the door for Chicago to win eight more games. That will improve the Bulls' record to 46-36 and a successful regular season without Derrick Rose.

    They could win 47 games, but 46 is your safest bet.

Atlanta Hawks

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    Projected Record: 46-36

    Current Record: 39-32

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    The Hawks have quietly put together yet another postseason-caliber season. Even in the absence of Joe Johnson, the Hawks have managed to perform at a high level by moving the ball and providing equal touches for its key players.

    During their final 11 games, the Hawks should win five at home and at least two on the road.

    That leads to a finishing total of 46 wins.

Brooklyn Nets

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    Projected Record: 49-33

    Current Record: 41-29

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Nets are one of the most balanced yet inconsistent teams in the NBA. Whether it's been a matter of injuries or stars failing to come together, the Nets have failed to perform at the level expected of them on a consistent basis.

    Can they change that with 12 games remaining?

    Brooklyn has four consecutive road games ahead, with only two appearing likely to go in Brooklyn's favor. When it's all said and done, however, the Nets have a chance to win at least eight of their remaining games.

    That's what they'll do to fall just shy of 50 wins.

Indiana Pacers

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    Projected Record: 51-31

    Current Record: 44-27

    Remaining Home Games: 4

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Pacers have four remaining home games, including one against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Expect the Pacers, who have the NBA's top-ranked defense, to achieve victory in all of those games.

    From there, it's a matter of winning their seven road games.

    Indiana is 15-19 on the road, which doesn't bode it for them considering its opponents are of a high caliber. Fortunately, the Pacers are bound to go 3-4 on their road trip. It will give them their first 50-win season since 2004.

New York Knicks

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    Projected record: 52-30

    Current Record: 43-26

    Remaining Home Games: 7

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    At 24-10, the Knicks are one of the best home teams in the NBA. Fortunately, they play seven of their final 13 games at home. All of those outings are manageable for them.

    They have caught fire at the right time, winning five consecutive games in spite of numerous injuries. 

    Expect them to not only reach the 50-win plateau, but exceed it. Nine wins in 13 games is hardly unthinkable for a team that is finally rediscovering its groove.

Miami Heat

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    Projected Record: 66-16

    Current Record: 56-14

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    We're inclined to believe that the Heat will lose eventually. That presents the team with the potential to go 67-15, thus winning 11 of its final 12 games.

    A second loss is likely due to Miami's tendency to rest its starters during the final regular season games. But, a total of 66 wins is a great accomplishment, and that number could grow if the winning streak continues.

Phoenix Suns

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    Projected Record: 25-57

    Current Record: 23-48

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Suns have been one of the most disappointing teams of the 2012-13 season. To say that their activity during the 2012 offseason led to less-than-desirable results would be an understatement.

    With 11 games left, we must ask if Phoenix can even reach 30 wins. Six of the Suns' final 11 games are on the road, which suggests that they will struggle to find victories. They're 7-28 away from home and have shown no signs of improvement in that regard.

    Six of their games are against postseason teams, and only two others appear manageable in their current state of flux.

Sacramento Kings

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    Projected Record: 26-56

    Current Record: 25-46

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    No matter how much young and promising talent the Kings may possess, they continue to win at a disturbingly weak rate. Until a change in management becomes official, that's unlikely to be any different.

    As we enter the final stretch of the season, the Kings will play 11 more games and are underdogs in each one.  Although it sounds pessimistic, Sacramento will be lucky to get two victories.

New Orleans Hornets

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    Projected Record: 28-54

    Current Record: 25-46

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Hornets have won three consecutive games. Unfortunately, their next two outings come against the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat. Soon thereafter, the young team will embark on a five-game road trip.

    The Hornets have the talent to reach 30 wins, but they're about to hit one of the most difficult patches of their season. They'll sneak out a win here and there, but piecing them together will be tough.

Minnesota Timberwolves

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    Projected Record: 29-53

    Current Record: 25-44

    Remaining Home Games: 8

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    The Timberwolves have a favorable remaining schedule, with eight of their final 13 games at home. Unfortunately, their next four home contests are against the Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics.

    That's not exactly what you'd call favorable.

    Minnesota will pick up four wins before season's end and finish 29-53. Flirting with 30 wins is a feat in itself for the Timberwolves, who were decimated by injuries.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    Projected Record: 38-44

    Current Record: 33-37

    Remaining Home Games: 8

    Remaining Road Games: 4


    The Trail Blazers have 12 remaining games. In that time, they'll play the Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, Denver Nuggets, Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers. That's not the ideal draw.

    While the Blazers are a better team than a record of 33-37 might suggest, their schedule presents too many opportunities to lose. Their four road games are against elite home teams, and their home games are less than promising.

    Going 4-4 at home to close out the season and 1-3 on the road is the most likely result.

Utah Jazz

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    Projected Record: 41-41

    Current Record: 35-36

    Remaining Home Games: 7

    Remaining Road Games: 4


    The Jazz have seven remaining home games. For those unaware, they are 25-9 at home during the 2012-13 season. Expect them to win five of seven at EnergySolutions Arena to close out the season, as Denver and Oklahoma City present daunting tasks.

    The question is, can they win any of their road games? This has been their struggle all season, and it will continue as we close out the year.

    The postseason race heats up.

Dallas Mavericks

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    Projected Record: 42-40

    Current Record: 35-36

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    The Mavericks are red-hot, with an unstoppable superstar in Dirk Nowitzki. They also have four consecutive road games on their upcoming schedule.  When Dirk is your star and Rick Carlisle your head coach, however, that's not quite the daunting task that it seems.

    The Mavericks have a good chance to win seven of their final 11 games, thus finishing with a record above .500. This will put them in position to contend for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

    An admirable turnaround effort, to say the least.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Projected Record: 43-39

    Current Record: 36-35

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    The Lakers have five road games remaining, which could potentially lead to five losses. But L.A. should be able to walk away with three road wins due to favorable matchups. From there, it's a matter of winning at home with the postseason on the line.

    Perhaps I'm being nostalgic, but I find it hard to believe that Kobe Bryant will allow the Lakers to lose must-win outings. With a lead over the current competition, that will be enough to get L.A. into the playoffs, but barely.

Houston Rockets

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    Projected Record: 46-36

    Current Record: 39-31

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    With 12 games remaining, the Rockets will split time between playing at home and on the road. In that time, we can expect them to hold home court on most nights and secure at least one road win. By going 7-5, Houston will finish 46-36.

    The Rockets' high-octane offense should be enough to earn victories against lesser competition. With six games against teams with losing records, that opens the door for reasonable success.

Golden State Warriors

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    Projected Record: 48-34

    Current Record: 41-31

    Remaining Home Games: 7

    Remaining Road Games: 3


    Seven of the Warriors' final 10 games will be played at home. Six of their final 10 opponents have records below .500.

    Although they will miss 50 wins, they'll flirt with that mark and cap off a remarkably successful season.

    The Warriors are hot, having won eight of 12, and finally appear to be healthy. This will open the door for the them to defeat the teams they should beat and move to 48 wins, a number that could bring Mark Jackson the NBA Coach of the Year award.

Memphis Grizzlies

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    Projected Record: 52-30

    Current Record: 47-23

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 7


    The Grizzlies have a difficult schedule. While we'd normally be inclined to believe they can make it work, the absence of Marc Gasol is beyond concerning.

    Memphis will stumble into the playoffs, but still maintain its grip on the fifth seed with a 50-plus-win season.

    The Grizzlies have manageable and unfavorable games on slate. That includes matchups against the San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.

    They'll pull out wins and breathe a huge sigh of relief once the playoffs finally arrive.

Los Angeles Clippers

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    Projected Record: 55-27

    Current Record: 48-23

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Clippers have gone 6-5 during the month of March. It just so happens that they will nearly duplicate that record as they reach 55-27.

    In turn, the Clippers will secure their first 50-win season in franchise history.

    The Clippers have five home games and six on the road. L.A. plays a fair mix of hot teams and quality home squads, thus leaving room for a 7-4 finish.

    Keep in mind, the Clippers have the depth to win with their starters resting.

Denver Nuggets

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    Projected Record: 56-26

    Current Record: 49-23

    Remaining Home Games: 6

    Remaining Road Games: 4


    The Nuggets have won 15 of their past 16 outings and appear poised to close strong. In fact, they are in prime position to win seven of their final 10 games.

    They are favored in almost every game they play. Outside of a road game against the San Antonio Spurs, there are no outings that Denver is a true underdog.

    Look for Denver to finish third in the West.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    Projected Record: 60-22

    Current Record: 52-19

    Remaining Home Games: 5

    Remaining Road Games: 6


    The Thunder are back on track and dominating the opposition as their talent suggests they should. With a sweep of their final five home games, they will be in position to reach 60 wins.

    Expect them to do just that.

    The Thunder will keep the race for the top spot in the Western Conference interesting, as they play the San Antonio Spurs on April 4. With San Antonio owning a 2-1 edge in the season series, it would behoove the Thunder to win at all costs.

    Including that game, OKC should win eight of its final 11 to reach 60 wins.

San Antonio Spurs

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    Projected W-L Record: 62-20

    Current W-L Record: 53-17

    Remaining Home Games: 7

    Remaining Road Games: 5


    The Spurs have the type of schedule that could cause the average team to crumble. But we'd be foolish to bet against the Spurs in any situation, especially with Tony Parker back in the lineup.

    The Spurs have become an afterthought due to the Miami Heat's historic winning streak. If we know anything about San Antonio, though, that's the way it likes it.

    Look for the Spurs to win nine of their final 12 to close the season atop the Western Conference for the third straight season.