LeBron James Ignites Slam Dunk Debate with Amazing Jam During Warmups

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LeBron James recently gave the NBA-mad world a taste of what he could do with a basketball, an open hoop and the hankering to throw down a dunk. 

Here is some video of the Miami Heat doing layup drills at warmups. This is a time most fans would be in line for beer and nachos. Well, a big shout out to the super fan who just had to savor every last ounce of a live NBA game, including the usually boring pre-game session. 

As you will see, the Heat do things in far more exciting ways than most teams. A couple of players throw down some sweet slams, which gets James finally willing to show us what he is capable of doing at the rim.

At the 35-second mark, he goes under his legs to toss the ball at the backboard and throws it down with authority. At that moment, every last person watching had to think the jam would have been pretty useful at NBA All-Star Weekend. 

SportsNation chimed in with this tweet:


This is just some slam the King thought up on the fly. I also seriously doubt this is something he practiced all that much prior to this attempt. 

Still, he throws this thing down, and it is flawless—a dunk that most definitely would have garnered 10s throughout the contest. 

Oh, and he does it while one of his teammates seems content to play the part of Timofey Mozgov.

Sure, this James dunk may be relegated to the relatively quiet pregame warmups, but we'll take it. 

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