MLK Day NBA Shoes 2013: Full Breakdown of Superstar Nikes Set to Debut Monday

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MLK Day NBA Shoes 2013: Full Breakdown of Superstar Nikes Set to Debut Monday
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In celebration of Black History Month, Nike is dropping a new shoe in the KD V (Kevin Durant), LeBron X (LeBron James) and Kobe 8 System (Kobe Bryant) lines.  

They debut on the NBA courts on Monday, Jan. 21, according to The apparel giant is releasing this line with the mantra "Be bold. Be true," and that it "celebrates three athletes who are fearless in action and fueled by a purpose."

These three basketball shoes have a distinct look with a black, brown, orange and gray color scheme that incorporates Nike's Black History Month print. 

Let's take a closer look at the three shoes. 

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This shoe has the busiest pattern of the three. You can see that pattern—or lack thereof—well from this side view:

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I've always appreciated a more simplistic design on a shoe. So this is not my favorite. It's full of angles and patterns inside the angles, and all those patterns abruptly change directions partway through the shoe. 

These kicks do look better from this heel view, however. 

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The nice thing about the busy pattern is that it makes the more simplistic "BHM" pop, and that looks great. Also, the orange going up the back is striking, and these two features save this shoe from a lower grade. 

Swag Quotient: 6/10

LeBron X

This is my favorite shoe of the three. The design is simple enough that it makes the colors and the shoe stand out. Check out the side view: 

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The angles slanted toward the middle of this shoe give it a sleek feel. Meanwhile, the orange highlight just over the pattern above the sole looks clean. You can get a good view of that in this picture: 

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This is a flashy, yet not overly busy shoe. 

Swag Quotient: 9/10

Kobe 8 System

Kobe's shoe is a low-top effort. That gives this shoe a lighter, more explosive look. Check it out from the side: 

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This design on this sneaker is closer to Durant's model. It is a busy pattern, but there are fewer lines and angles, which is far more pleasing to the eye. I like this shoe more based on the picture below. 

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Like Durant's, this shoe also has the orange backing on the heel. This part really stands out, and it accentuates Kobe's signature.  

Swag Quotient: 7/10  

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