Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas Mavericks Destroy Innocent 'Sleigh Ride' Holiday Song

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 13, 2012

'Tis the season to butcher harmless innocent holiday songs that never did anything to anybody. 

Poor old "Sleigh Ride," never knew what hit it when the Dallas Mavericks came in with a swift boot to the face in the form of awful singing. 

Every year, NBA teams break out some classic holiday tunes and force their stars to perform them. Knowing full well that their basketball stars are not moonlighting as pop stars, the expectation is that the finished products will be awful. 

We saw the same earlier today in this fantastically horrible rendition of "I Have a Little Dreidel" performed by the miserable choir known as the Houston Rockets. 

There was even this holiday message from the Minnesota Timberwolves that gave us little more than the knowledge that Nikola Pekovic really likes meat. 

So you see, this time of year isn't just about us taking time out of our otherwise busy schedules to be with family and sharing in some great food and good times. 

It's about horrible NBA videos—so bad they are delicious. 

The Mavericks simply can't hold a tune. From Rick Carlisle to Chris Kaman, not one can sing.

And that just makes this video all the better. 


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