Shaquille O'Neal Just Destroyed Dwight Howard with Funny Freestyle

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 24, 2012

Shaquille O'Neal just launched a grenade at Dwight Howard's feet in the form of this freestyle rap, because it wouldn't be the NBA season without a little animosity. 

Deadspin spotted this video of Shaq getting his flow on and making some comedy along the way. It's any wonder Kobe Bryant's name isn't mentioned. 

The rap is short, sweet and to the point. It's aimed at calling out Howard and his need to refer to himself as Superman, though Howard recently remedied that by demanding we all call him Ironman

I will stick to just calling him Howard and moving on with life. Here is what Shaq had to offer. 

Don't you ever call me Chamberlain. Don't you ever call me Jabbar.
Like I said before, you will get devoured.
But don't you ever call me, Dwight Howard. 

Laughter abounds at that line, but his drop-the-mic moment comes at the end when he tells us, "Who the best of the best? I was born with the S. I'm done."

The flow may seem stuttered and forced, but a fan tells us exactly what's going down in the comments section at Deadspin

Loaded Lux is a battle rapper who is legendary on the URLTV/Smack format...He came out of retirement for a battle last month against Detroit rapper, Calicoe. That battle went viral and Lux coined a phrase during the battle "He gon' get this work", which took off and spiraled into a phenomenon. Arian Foster used that phrase after running for a TD two weeks ago, rapper Drake used the phrase in a new song, and Shaq even used the phrase in this freestyle video. The gentleman on the right is Young Money (Lil' Wayne's label) artist, Cory Gunz. Cory Gunz has been friends with Shaq and was on stage freestyling with him in the infamous "Kobe, tell me how my ass taste" video from a couple of years ago.

Ah, yes. We all remember that video well. 

You can now give a dissertation on Loaded Lux, this style of rap and what the hell is going on in this video. 

Amaze your friends with the knowledge. 

For Howard, he may very well need another backeotomy after a shelling like this. And after the summer he just had, we suggest he forgives and forgets. 

There aren't many outside the Los Angeles area who are going to come to the aid of a man who left Orlando in shambles. 

All this makes you a tad nostalgic for the days when Shaq was taking on Kobe Bryant. Perhaps the NBA analyst should just release an album on all the players he hates, because we could all use the comedic relief. 

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