Anthony Davis Video: Unibrow Star Goes Boy Band with One Direction Parody

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 2, 2012

Anthony Davis is a pretty boy. 

Oh, yeah. I said it. Mark it down and bring it back to me in 20 years when we are all rocking unibrows and generally being more awesome than we currently are. 

Okay, that may a bit much but the latest parody video featuring Anthony Davis does well to send hugs out to the best eyebrows in the business—all while making fun of boy band music videos. 

Our very own Bleacher Report put together a light-hearted take on unibrows and the big men that wear them. 

The top pick in the NBA draft is headed to New Orleans, and he is taking every last hair follicle on his face the good Lord gave him. 

He claims he will savor the unibrow because it makes him special. We most definitely agree. In fact, we will go one better and yell from the beach that this is what makes you so damn beautiful. 

The video is an offshoot of boy band One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. If you haven't seen it, watch any boy band video from any era and imagine it on a beach. 

There, you don't have to click on this link to watch the real thing. 

You clicked didn't you?

No matter, I had to watch the video. Not because of research purposes, but because I love me a great boy band video. 

These young whipper snappers are so burdened by love they can't help but take their angst out on the waves. 

Bleacher Report matches that passion for all things beautiful with their ode to the sweet brow of Anthony Davis. 

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