Deron Williams Reportedly Prefers Nets but Has Interest in Lakers, Mavericks

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Deron Williams Reportedly Prefers Nets but Has Interest in Lakers, Mavericks
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All-Star point guard Deron Williams has reportedly added the Los Angeles Lakers to his short list of teams he is willing to play for in the future. 

The news comes from Sports Illustrated's Sam Amick:

For the Lakers, Williams could be a possibility if Howard is not. A source close to the three-time All-Star said he would be interested in joining the Lakers, though it would have to be via a sign-and-trade deal...

The source said Williams' preference, however, is for the Nets to improve the roster sufficiently enough that he can feel good about staying put rather than fear a repeat of this season, when they finished 22-44. As for Dallas, which sacrificed its best chance to defend the title by preserving salary-cap space last summer in anticipation of this free-agent class, the source said of the Mavericks: "There's no longevity there." If owner Mark Cuban can clear enough space to sign a worthy sidekick for Williams, though, then maybe Williams would join his hometown team after all.

Let's take a closer look at exactly what this means for each team. 

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are still in the front seat when it comes to keeping their talented point guard, but it's clear they have some work to do.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Williams wants to stay, but if Brooklyn continues to only supply him with Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace and MarShon Brooks, D-Will won't see that as enough.

That's the same team with which he has already failed. Williams needs more help, so Brooklyn needs to make some moves to keep its superstar happy. Packaging some of those players for Dwight Howard would make the most sense.

Los Angeles Lakers

Because Williams is only going to join Los Angeles via a sign-and-trade, Andrew Bynum and/or Pau Gasol's future in L.A. is definitely up in the air. 

After seeing Los Angeles in the playoffs, it's clear that its time as a contender is starting to run out. However, a trade for Williams—the point guard the Lakers have so desperately needed for so long—would save things for a while.

A backcourt of Williams and Kobe Bryant paired with a dominant big man is good enough, no matter who the surrounding role players are. 

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks are the dark horse in all of this, but don't count them out.

Mark Cuban knows what he's doing, and he basically threw this season away because he is getting ready for a move at Deron Williams. He's cleared the cap space, and if he can lure another big-time player, there's no question to me that Williams will be intrigued. 

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