NBA Free Agency 2012: 5 Players Who Would Be Insane to Re-Sign with Current Team

Michael KeefeContributor IIIApril 30, 2012

NBA Free Agency 2012: 5 Players Who Would Be Insane to Re-Sign with Current Team

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    The NBA free-agency period is quickly approaching and the discussion of which players will go to which teams is already starting to heat up. The focus is mainly on how teams will benefit from having new players or keeping their old players. There isn't usually a whole lot of talk about what that decision will mean for the player himself. 

    There are a solid handful of players in the 2012 free-agent class who will get the greatest benefit from moving on from their current teams. With the way the NBA collective bargaining agreement is set up, money does not generally factor into this. If a player is solely looking for money, their current team often will have the upper hand in negotiations, and the player will stay.

    For the players looking past money and towards an improved situation, there will be several teams out there waiting with open arms.

    The following is a list of free agents who would be crazy to head back to the place they played last season.

Deron Williams

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    Deron Williams again had a very fine season in the NBA. He continued to prove that he remains one of the most solid and dependable point guards in the league today.

    His team, the New Jersey Nets, continued to prove that they are the opposite of Williams. The only thing the Nets can be depended on for would be more losses than wins in most years. 

    Granted, the Nets have a new owner who seems dedicated to improving the team. They're also about to ship out of New Jersey and into Brooklyn, where players will have a chance to make a name for themselves in Brooklyn basketball history. 

    But Williams should be less interested in going down in the history books for Brooklyn basketball and more interested in going down in the history books of the NBA. For several reasons, the Nets have not really been a big destination for NBA players. They expected to make a huge push for Dwight Howard this offseason, until Howard decided to give the Magic one last chance. 

    The Nets simply have a lot of work to do before they can compete in the NBA. With that in mind, they're certainly not the best location for Williams, who will be able to get a big contract from another team who can win now. 

Jameer Nelson

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    The 2012-2013 season promises to be a rollercoaster for the Orlando Magic, who will again have to deal with Dwight Howard trade talks, rumors about Stan Van Gundy's coaching career and the rest of the circus that followed them around this season. 

    Caught in the middle, but flying under the radar, is point guard Jameer Nelson. Nelson, when healthy throughout his career, has proven to be a very good NBA point guard who will certainly be able to help whichever team he signs with.

    In Orlando, it appears that the Howard era is coming to a close, and the team doesn't seem too prepared for that to happen. If Dwight leaves, the Magic will become one of the bottom teams in the Eastern Conference.

    For Nelson, this decision should be made on improving and elongating his career. To do that, he should sign with a team that is not only strong on the court, but that also has stability and leadership in its coaching staff and front office.  

    That team should not be Orlando. 

Michael Beasley

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    For players like Deron Williams, this offseason's decision should be made based on best chance of success. For others, like Jameer Nelson, the decision should be based on stability and future of the team. 

    But for Michael Beasley, this year's decision should be made based on getting into a new situation and starting fresh. The Timberwolves' versatile big man has shown some serious signs of talent throughout his basketball career, but with different on and off-court problems, he has struggled to maintain any kind of role with the teams he's been on. 

    Beasley needs another fresh start. He needs a place that he hasn't dealt with before to show that he is fully focused on basketball and that he has matured. If he does that, his career could just start to kick off. He also needs to find a team that will allow him as much playing time as possible while also keeping him in line. 

    With Kevin Love manning the power forward position in Minnesota, Beasley probably won't get a big bump anytime soon, which is why he should look to sign with a team who really needs him. 

Chris Kaman

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    For veteran big man Chris Kaman, this decision shouldn't be too difficult. He's approaching the later stages of his career, and his current team shows no signs of contending anytime soon. 

    Kaman was dealt to the Hornets in the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Clippers, and since then, Kaman has been a solid contributor for New Orleans. The biggest problem is that the Hornets appear to be trying to get younger and faster, and Kaman really doesn't fit that bill. 

    The ambidextrous Kaman should be looking to join a team that will allow him to play in impact games late into May and even June. 

Antawn Jamison

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    Antawn Jamison is one of the most decorated basketball players to ever play at the University of North Carolina. When he came into the league, Jamison made an immediate impact as a guy who could score from anywhere. 

    Now, in the final stages of his career, Jamison would surely like to find a place that will give him a shot at winning a ring. 

    That place is not in Cleveland, at least not yet. 

    No matter where Jamison goes, his role will likely be greatly reduced next year. Used primarily as a starter for the Cavaliers, Jamison had some ups and downs, but the end of the season seems to really wear him down. 

    Couple his major minutes with the excessive amount of losses, and you'll see why leaving Cleveland would likely be the best possible choice for Jamison.