The 5 Most Disrespectful NBA Fanbases

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IMarch 21, 2012

The 5 Most Disrespectful NBA Fanbases

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    Being a true-blue NBA fan requires a lot of passion. Obviously, there are numerous different types of fans that we all have witnessed over the years. There are the jersey-burning, hateful Cleveland fans, the Miami bandwagon fans, the diehard Laker/Kobe fans and the booing Golden State fans.

    Based on what recently transpired during Chris Mullin's jersey-retiring ceremony, I have compiled a list of the most disrespectful/rude NBA fanbases. While most arenas carry their share of booers and obnoxious idiots, these are the fanbases that tend to let their passion lead to dumb and classless moves. 

    Keep in mind, I'm not saying that these are bad fans by any means. I merely am highlighting instances that have put these fans in a bad light in the past. 

Just Missing the Cut: Boston Celtics

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    TD Garden is filled with an amazing assortment of diehards that dot the arena pretty much every night. And these guys have a right to cheer on their team. I mean, do you know how many titles these guys have won? Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Kevin McHale and Paul Pierce all wear hardware for the storied fanbase. The fans are passionate. The arena is always rocking. 

    But how could I put them on the list when stuff like this happens? If that's not seizing the moment, then I don't know what is. No disrespect here in Boston. 

Just Missing the Cut: Philadelphia 76ers

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    It's well documented that Philly fans are some of the least classy fans in all of sports. Whether it be throwing snowballs at Santa Class or booing a sick child, there are plenty of cases of crazy fans from Philadelphia doing terrible things.

    Just read the Urban dictionary definition of Philly fans:

    "Classless sports fans who have turned collective whining into an art form. Best known for pelting Santa Claus with iceballs and booing sick children. Ghoulish hooligans who deserve the annual hope-suckage created by the early playoff exits of the Eagles and Flyers."

    But most of that obviously applies to Eagles fans. How could you hate 76ers fans after this guy? What a stud. 

Just Missing the Cut: Chicago Bulls

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    Of course, I could've put the Chicago Bulls fans on this list. After the recent video emerging of a bratty kid spitting on his hand and then high-fiving Jeremy Lin, they easily could've made the list. But keep in mind that it was an immature little kid. Not worthy of a top five mention.

    And just like the videos could you hate fans who salute a team with this introduction? Talk about epic. 

5. Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Sorry, Cleveland. With the way you guys reacted to the LeBron James decision, you earn the first spot on my list. The guy gave you heart night in and night out and this is how you react to a business decision? Hating LeBron like you guys do is downright disrespectful and sorta crazy. 

    I understand the passion, but I don't understand the terrible hate. Remember that it's just a game. 

4. Utah Jazz

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    Before everyone jumps on me for this pick, I would like to point out that I'm a diehard Jazz fan who has been to many a game in the Delta Center (it's really called EnergySolultions Arena...but I'd rather not hear it referred to as that). Jazz fans are some of the most passionate and riled-up fans in the entire league. Why do you think the Jazz have such a great home-court advantage? 

    You wouldn't expect a state filled with Mormons to be some of the more disrespectful fans...but you'd be surprised. There are many documented cases of Jazz fans acting out and doing classless things. 

    One example: A Jazz fan was spotted putting a hand over his eye while former-Jazz player Derek Fisher shot a free throw. We all know that's a reference to when Derek Fisher left Utah to seek care for his daughter who was struggling with eye cancer. Really guys?

    Derek Fisher still can't take the court in Utah without hearing resounding boos. I have all the respect in the world for Derek. He's one of the classiest guys we have in the league. Give the guy a little respect. 

    Reggie Miller says it better than me in the video. 

    And for that, Jazz fans earn a spot on the NBA's most disrespectful fans list. 

3. New York Knicks

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    It is New York.  And it's Madison Square Garden. These fans are infamous and relentless in their displeasure and inability to accept when their team is not performing up to par. New York Knicks fans have the highest standards in the entire league. 

    They chant MVP for other teams' players when the Knicks are sucking up the place. They boo pretty much every draft pick that is announced. This includes Landry Fields, Iman Shumpert and even Danilo Gallinari. Every single one of those guys have panned out to be respectable NBA players. 

    And they most recently are known to have been chanting "Fire D'Antoni" before the former coach resigned.

2. Golden State Warriors

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    Of course Golden State will be on this list after the recent debacle at Oracle Arena. I mean, who boos at a jersey retirement ceremony? And only because they traded Monta Ellis? The guy had barely gotten you guys to the playoffs.

    It's not like Joe Lacob has had much time to do anything at all. The guy has been supremely active on the trade front trying to improve the team after Chris Cohan's massacre. He almost reeled in Dwight Howard

    Cut him some slack.

    But extreme passion sometimes gives way to disrespect and scenes like this one. How uncomfortable. 

1. Detroit Pistons

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    You only need four words to explain this slide: Malice at the Palace. 

    You all know I'm referring to the major brawl that went down at the Palace of Auburn Hills way back in 2004. It was one of the most disgusting shows of fans and players alike and single-handedly vaults Piston fans to No. 1 on this list. 

    Of course, Ron Artest was the major instigator in the entire conflict, but the guy did throw Diet Coke at him. 

    Congratulations, Detroit. That was a sad day in the history of sports.  

    I was unable to find an actual video of the brawl, so this will have to do. Two random drunk guys on the Mavericks' bench doesn't help their case much, either. 


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    Now you can feel free to ream me in the comment section. Keep in mind, I don't mean any disrespect to any fanbase as a whole, but each arena I've mentioned does have a history of negative behavior.

    Anyone else I should've added to the list? Sound off in the comments and make sure you tell me why you think what you think! 

    Should I have included Bulls fans? Heat fans? Or Lakers fans? Let me know what I got wrong and I'd be happy to debate this out.