Lamar Odom: Why His Dallas Teammates Hate Him

Paul Grossinger@@pgrossingerAnalyst IIMarch 3, 2012

Lamar Odom: Why His Dallas Teammates Hate Him

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    Lamar Odom may be the player most disliked by his teammates in all of basketball.  His combination of high-maintenance behavior, emotional antics, low production and griping must be hard for Dallas Mavericks players to endure. 

    Odom is set to rejoin Dallas against the Utah Jazz tonight.  But why would his teammates welcome him back after he has been such a bad teammate this season?

He Is Married to a Kardashian

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    Yes, I know it's a cheap shot.  We journalists are famous for taking those at every opportunity.

    But in all seriousness, the Kardashians are bad for NBA player popularity.  Kris Humphries was recently rated the NBA's least likable player.  He isn't bad enough or annoying enough to warrant that title on his own, it's because he was briefly married to a Kardashian!

    Odom has a similar problem.  His teammates know he misses the high life in LA and his wife personifies that issue.  I bet the Dallas locker room would love to be rid of both nuisances. 

He Is Extra Emotional Baggage

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    Have you ever seen that Abilify commercial where the depressed woman carries around a "blanket" that represents her depression and drags her down wherever she goes?  That is, until she leaves it behind and thrives?

    Lamar Odom has been like that this season with the Mavericks...except that he is the blanket.  Early in the season, his antics hurt Dallas and contributed to their poor start.  Without him, they have wound back into shape and thrived recently.

    Does Dallas really want that depressed blanket back with them?

He Is Playing Terribly

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    Odom isn't just a depressing blanket off the court, he has been playing terrible too!

    Over his career, Odom has been a versatile big man capable of starting or playing sixth man and could play at any position in the frontcourt.  He has complimented that with 14.6 points, eight rebounds, four assists and great percentages, which is what the Mavericks thought they were acquiring in the offseason.

    This year Odom has been a depressing mess, rarely scoring above the single digits, not going for tough rebounds and just looking like an abused animal out there on the court.

    Knowing how talented he is, that kind of terrible play must piss off Dallas' players every time. 

He Wants to Be Playing Somewhere Else

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    Why is Odom playing terribly and whining incessantly?  Because he wants to be back in LA!

    In the offseason, the Lakers dealt Odom in the massive, nixed Chris Paul trade.  A high maintenance player, Odom felt used and unwanted and demanded a real trade which quickly brought him to Dallas.

    Now, he's realizing that he misses LA and they still wanted him at that time, they just took a shot at acquiring Chris Paul.  Dallas' players know that is how Odom feels and that can't make them like him too much.

    It's just a toxic situation.