LeBron James' Alleged Threats to Heckler Are Justified

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 11, 2012

What you just say about my momma?
What you just say about my momma?Rob Carr/Getty Images

LeBron James is fed up with being the world's whipping post, and I don't blame him. The heckling and verbal abuse towards James is old and it's even more ridiculous now than it was last year.

The newest chapter apparently took place at the Washington Wizards vs. Miami Heat game last night. Apparently, a Wizards "fan" went into no man's land with his comments about LeBron and his family.

This Washington Wizards "fan" who heckled James, referring to the now infamous and nasty rumor regarding James' mother and Delonte West, is the worst kind of sports fan.

Dom Cosentino of Deadspin.com reported this incident via former contributor Sarah Kogod, who witnessed the exchange. She tweeted the following:

…LeBron was waiting alone in the backcourt when fan Bob Moore made a comment to LeBron about Delonte West and LeBron's mom…

…According to Moore, LeBron said "The only reason you talk shit is because you know I can't come off the court right now and beat your ass"...

…Also according to Moore, LeBron continued "But if I had a free pass, I'd kick your ass right now."...

…Moore replied "I'm right here baby. Let's go" before security stepped in.

He likely has other issues with James or people like him (race, economic status or some combination of the two), or just issues in general. To go that far about a human being in the name of on-court intimidation is insane.

Worst of all, he's like the kid throwing rocks at a lion in the zoo because it's in a cage. For once, I'd like to see the cage door rise on that kid, not to hurt him, just to remind him of what the consequences could be.

Fans pay for a ticket and there is a thing called freedom of speech, but there are consequences for using that freedom. James is showing restraint because he knows he doesn't want to deal with the consequences for slamming this guy through a hoop.

So in turn, this "fan" is taking advantage of what James has to lose. He knows if James does exactly what he says he could do, he's going to sue him, blah, blah, blah, "Malice in the Palace" all over again.

The best James could do to fight back was to remind him, in no uncertain terms, that he could crush him if he wanted to.

This stance of fighting back started last week when James was blasted by Kendrick Perkins for commenting on Blake Griffin's monster flush over him.

James defended himself in that exchange as well, and it all points to the fact that James has had enough and is ready to move on. He offered this in a interview after practice that was aired during ESPN's First Take, but also published here by Brian Windhorst and Tom Haberstroh of ESPN.com:

You could be watching cartoons with your kids and you don't like it, you say, "Blame it on LeBron." If you go to the grocery store and they don't have the milk that you like, you just say, "It's LeBron's fault."

Some may say, well, "Why is he still posing after dunks?" or "Why does he still trash talk if he's tired of the blame game?"

Are you serious?

How many players in the NBA do that after big plays? Are they hit with the same level of hate and criticism?

Of course not.

Some say he has brought this on himself, but I fail to understand how "The Decision," posing after dunks or any perceived arrogance, warrants abuse of this kind.

It's really quite ridiculous.

I firmly believe LeBron will never go into the stands to confront a fan, but I could understand why he would be tempted.

I'm not sure if it's inebriation or stupidity, but last I checked, he's 6'8", 260 pounds. That generally is not the type of person you want to provoke to violence.

LeBron is a human being like everyone else. I think that is a simple fact that is lost on fans, as it relates to pro athletes. If you continue to pick on a person, you will get a reaction.

It's wrong to antagonize, hoping to hurt them and then persecuting them for what was provoked. 


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