B/R WWE Pay-Per-View Prediction Competition Rules and Records

JSenior Analyst IJuly 17, 2009

Prior to WrestleMania XXV I began hosting a competition for members of B/R to predict the winners of WWE pay-per-views.

The aim of these competitions were to reduce the number of "here are my predictions for..." style articles that had been clogging B/R's Wrestling Section, and also just for a little fun.

I would consider that the concept has been a relative success; many people take part and have fun, and the multitude of prediction articles seem to have reduced.

After a good run of competitions, I decided to hand over the rights and responsibilities of this competition to someone else. Hayley Graham was glad to accept, and will be running the show from here on in.

The point of this article is to provide a place for me to archive all the rules, along with the results of each competition, as well as links to all the articles and winners.

If you are unfamiliar with the way this works, here are the rules:

To enter a competition for a pay-per-view, leave a stand alone comment in the comments section of the relevant article, stating your picks for all the matches.

Anyone is welcome to take part.

Each match carries a certain weight (usually between one and three), and if you correctly guess the winner of that match, that number will be added to your score.

Weightings are based on importance, unpredictability, and number of competitors involved, but ultimately they are my opinion. If enough people feel a change is necessary, then I will make one

The winner of each pay-per-view will be the person who gets the highest overall score, so making a selection for every match is important.

WWE pay-per-views can be unpredictable sometimes, and the card can be subject to change. If a match does not go ahead as scheduled, or a new match is introduced, it will not count in the competition.

Most recently, at The Bash, Edge and Chris Jericho managed to work their way into the tag team title match, and walk away with the gold.

This kind of scenario is nigh on unpredictable, and hence by the previous rule would be discounted from the competition.

Winners of matches are simply the person who wins the match, via whatever means. This seems an obvious thing to say, but on several occasions people have been confused due to some stipulations, most frequently during championship matches.

Vote for who you think will win the match, not who will have the title, not who will turn heel, or who will interfere, just who will win the match.

For example, at The Bash CM Punk got himself disqualified by kicking the referee. CM Punk walked away with the title, but Jeff Hardy won the match. Therefore points would go to those who picked Jeff Hardy.

I usually post competitions on the Wednesday prior to the pay-per-view. As this is the case, some match changes can usually occur between that time and the event.

If new matches are made I will endeavour to post notes to those who have already taken part, in the hope they will make the necessary additional pick.

As a piece of advice, I would say to be inventive with your picks; go for some of the favorites, but also pick some long shots. The WWE don’t always let the favourite win, so it can pay off to vote against them.

I would also ask that you make it clear who you are voting for. I often get left entries that can only be described as cryptic, and they are not easy to decipher.

Ultimately, this is all just a bit of fun, so please don’t hesitate to take part.

There are no prizes for winning, but there is also no punishment for losing, so it really can’t hurt to try.

I look forward to hearing from you in an upcoming competition.

Here are the results of previous competitions:

(* indicates that someone got all the answers right, and a number in brackets represents how many wins a person acheived with a win if it's more than their first, eg (2) would mean that was someone's second win in a competition)

WrestleMania XXVFull results – Winners:

Josh Fox

Sean David

Backlash 2009Full results – Winners:

Jared Farver

Gevorg Keoseyan

Judgment Day 2009Full results – Winners:

Ray Bogusz

Ben Sampson


Lucas Berndt


Markus Griffith

Extreme Rules 2009Full results – Winner:

Greg Bush

The Bash 2009Full Results – Winners:

Scott Beeby

Frank Dinardo

Night Of Champions 2009 - Full Results - Winners:

Benjamin David

Connor Green

SummerSlam 2009 - Winner:

John Azam Azam*

No competition took place for Breaking Point 2009

Hell in a Cell 2009 - Full Results - Winner:

Gagan Samra*

Bragging Rights 2009 - Full Results - Winners:

Brandon Crosswhite*

Jev* (2)

Survivor Series 2009 - Full Results - Winner:

Asheel Din

TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2009 - Full Results - Winner:

Gagan Samra* (2)


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