NBA Rumors: Staying Put Is Best-Case Scenario for Superman

Kyle Vassalo@VassaloBRFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2011

The question just a few days ago was that of where Dwight Howard would go. Now, it's uncertain if he will go.

D12 is the most dominant big man in the game, and naturally, the Magic want to do everything in their power to retain him.

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, sources say that the Magic do not plan to trade Howard.

This is a dream come true for Howard. He'll get the chance to either stay in Orlando and be the hero LeBron James couldn't be for Cleveland, or leave and pick the situation he finds most beneficial to his game.

If he wanted to go to the Lakers, he would have the opportunity to do so and L.A. wouldn't have to take a hit by hemorrhaging talent to acquire his services. 

Right now, the ball isn't in Howard's court. The Magic have time to surround Howard with talent and try to convince him that the best place for him to possibly be is in Orlando.

Howard has time to let the dust settle and then become the same sort of coveted free agent LeBron was a season ago.

He'll have time to mull his decision over with the knowledge he currently has in the back of his mind. There is certainly a benefit to staying in Orlando and letting the Magic build around him, living as king and mustering up a rare showing of loyalty in the sports world.

Then again, the desire to join forces with another superstar and join a different market could be too great for him to pass up.

Regardless, as long as Howard doesn't sign an extension, he'll be able to have his choice of team and pick the best situation for him when this shortened season comes to a close.