Twitter's Impact on the NBA and the NBA Lockout

Spencer KierCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2011

I think we have all realized by now that we are smack dab in the middle of a technological revolution. Never before in the history of the world has a population experienced such intimacy and interconnectedness on a global scale, and in such a unique and innovative way.

We are not limited to just the conventional reading and observing, but we are now capable of interacting. Regardless of the individual’s prominence, we have the opportunity to communicate with them. 

There has been no clearer indication of this crossing of traditional, social boundaries than in the transformation of the relationship between the NBA’s players and fans via Twitter. From anywhere in the world at any time, we can communicate and interact with NBA superstars. 

This ability to interact with them has essentially removed the middleman in the link between the players and us. No longer do we have to depend on reports and analysts to detail their personal encounters with the players; we can see it first-hand for ourselves. 

I myself have contacted and received responses from notable NBA players such as Nick Young, Dahntay Jones, and Gary Neal. Neal even did an interview with me after I showed interest in writing an article about him on Twitter. Ex-NBA player, Jalen Rose, has also mentioned one of my recent articles featured on the Bleacher Report in a tweet of his

NBA players have also begun using the site for promotion. They most recently have begun rallying together on their collective stance in reference to the NBA Lockout through their use of the “#StandUnited ” hashtag that has been trending on the Twitter-sphere. The fans have even been able to participate in the action by re-tweeting and tweeting on the subject themselves.  

All of this goes to show that Twitter has allowed us to resonate with and relate to the players on a more personal level. No longer do we view them as unreachable super-human, celebrity athletes. Our ability to directly connect with them allows us to develop a rapport with them that goes deeper than the game of basketball. 

“We are all Witnesses” to the impact of Twitter on the landscape of the NBA.


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