Devon Van Oostrum Video: Watch NBA Prospect Dunk and Dish Dimes

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Devon Van Oostrum is a British point guard that has sick skills in running the floor. If that doesn't interest you, it just means you haven't seen his video. 

Welcome to the NBA lockout, where YouTube videos take center stage when games of the week normally would. That's not a bad thing. We have seen Chris Paul amaze in pickup games. There have been a flurry of star to entice at charity events. 

Now we can give some much-deserved love to an international sensation that I can only hope makes it stateside one day. 

This is the kind of video that makes you sit back and hope for the NBA draft that features Devon Van Oostrum as one of the prospects being discussed. 

I can stand to watch Van Oostrum run the court and dunk on posers all day. He looks to have the hops of John Wall and the court awareness of Steve Nash. 

If that sounds like hyperbole, it's only because I am basketball starved at the moment. At 18, Van Oostrum is the youngest player to make Great Britain's senior squad, according to The Telegraph

There isn't a lot known about the young point guard as of yet, but my interest is piqued by this stunning video. And really, if we can give adoration and applause to Ricky Rubio who is yet to prove himself in the NBA, we can do so with Van Oostrum. 

The video features the guard basically making defenders look silly. More often his opponents are guessing what he is going to do with the ball. The answer seems to be anything he damn well pleases. 

If you are looking for the next great international, look no further than this British star on the rise. Let's get him to the states, because I need to see this stuff on SportsCenter

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