Derrick Favors vs. Enes Kanter: Comparing Young Utah Jazz Big Men's Skillsets

Ryan Hatch@@hatchryanContributor IIIOctober 10, 2011

Derrick Favors vs. Enes Kanter: Comparing Young Utah Jazz Big Men's Skillsets

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    The Utah Jazz are a stacked team in the frontcourt. They have many big bodies with a lot of skill and potential. Guys like Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap and Mehmet Okur have proven what they can do. While Jefferson and Millsap continue to improve, Okur is past his prime and nearing the end of his career.

    With those guys alone the Jazz' frontcourt looks pretty decent. Add in Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter and you have a very deep and talented front court.

    We have seen Favors play and see that he has incredible potential. Kanter is a mystery. We have seen glimpses of him in EuroBasket this summer and the Nike Summit a few years ago. That is about it.

    Both of these guys could play an important role in the future of the Utah Jazz franchise. Both look to be full of potential and will get better as the experience comes.

    But how do Favors and Kanter compare to each other? Who is the better rebounder? Who is the better scorer? This article will explore which Jazz future star is better at different facets of the game.

Low-Post Offense

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    Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter both stand six-foot-eleven. Kanter has 10 pounds on Favors. Both are big bodies that can get the job done underneath.

    Favors averaged 19 minutes a game last season in the NBA and scored just under seven points a game.

    If you look at his last five games of 2011 he averaged 27 minutes and 11 points a game.

    The more playing time he received the better his numbers were. He can get the job done underneath.

    Kanter has a very soft touch around the rim. He is able to use his body well and create close shots for himself. He is a very good offensive threat.

    The soft touch that he has gives him something that many big men lack. It is rare to find that kind of finesse in such a big body. This puts Kanter over Favors in low-post offense.

    I expect Favors to improve his touch and his low-post offense with more playing time. He may pass up Kanter in time.

    Winner: Enes Kanter

Low-Post Defense

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    Low-post defense is a critical skill for any big man to have. They must be able to contest shots, block shots, box out for the rebound and stop their man from scoring.

    This is an area where the Jazz need to make some improvements. The team struggled greatly against skilled offensive big men like Pau Gasol.

    Derrick Favors is a good defender. He keeps in front of his man well. He stays with his man most of the time and always gets a hand up in the offensive player's face.

    He is a good shot blocker. In his last five games with added minutes he averaged over one and a half blocks per game.

    Favors is a good defensive rebounder. In 19 minutes a game he averaged over five rebounds. Like most players, the more playing time the bigger the numbers.

    Enes Kanter is also a good defensive rebounder. His size in EuroBasket and in the leagues he has played in give him an advantage. He has played against smaller players in the past.

    His rebounding will likely be okay in the NBA, but not as good as we have seen in the past.

    Kanter is not the best defender that we have seen on film. He does not always put his hands up to defend a shot. He doesn't keep with his defender all the time like Favors.

    This is a strength for Favors and a weakness for Kanter.

    Winner: Derrick Favors


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    When I say shooting, I am talking about shots from 15 feet, or more, away from the hoop. These shots take a good stroke and talent.

    It is hard to find a big man that can shoot with consistency from that distance. When you do find one, it is a huge advantage on offense for your team.

    Derrick Favors has a decent jump shot, but is better suited for closer shot than this.

    We saw improvements toward the end of the season from Favors, but he still needs to make improvements on his shooting ability.

    Enes Kanter, on the other hand, is a very good perimeter shooter. As you can see in the video, Kanter can knock down shots with great consistency.

    He is a decent three-point shooter as well. Something that reminds me of the other six-foot-eleven Turkish player on Utah's roster.

    This one is no contest.

    Winner: Enes Kanter



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    Rebounding is probably the most important aspect of a power forward or center's game.

    If you want to be a successful big man in the NBA, you need to be a good rebounder.

    Just look at guys like Kevin Love and Zach Randolph. Both of those guys have made huge impacts with their rebounding abilities.

    Derrick Favors had good averages in rebounding his first year in the league. He averaged over five rebounds a game in just 19 minutes. His last five games, averaging 27 minutes, he pulled down just under seven a game.

    If Favors gets at least 35 minutes a game, he should be a double digit rebounder.

    Enes Kanter, from the looks of his film, is a good rebounder as well. Kanter seemed to pull down rebounds over many other players.

    The difference is that Kanter was not playing against top players like Favors. Kanter could end up being a good rebounder with his size, but it is hard to tell so far.

    Because of lack of talent around Kanter and the fact that Favors showed he can do it in the NBA. I give this one to Favors.

    Winner: Derrick Favors

Shot Blocking

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    Shot blocking is an instinct. It is something that some players do well without much effort.

    Players like Dikembe Mutombo or Dwight Howard come to mind. Others work hard and become very good shot blockers in the NBA.

    I think that both Favors and Kanter are guys that will have to work at becoming a good shot blocker.

    Derrick Favors showed signs of being a great shot blocker towards the end of the season last year. In the last few games of the year Favors sent back quite a few shots from offensive players.

    Favors has developed into a decent shot blocker in just a year in the NBA.

    The more experience Favors gets, the better his shot blocking will get. He has a knack for defense and staying in front of his man. With that type of defensive play the blocks are going to come.

    Enes Kanter is not a top notch defender by any means, but his size suggests that he should be a good shot blocker. I think that he will develop this talent with time in the league.

    He has a seven foot one wing span and if he gets his hands up he is bound to block a few shots.

    Kanter and Favors both need to develop this skill moving forward in their careers. However, Favors' defensive skills surpass Kanter as of right now.

    Winner: Derrick Favors

Overall Scoring

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    Overall scoring incorporates all scoring on the floor.

    Perimeter shooting, inside scoring and free throws. Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will be relied upon for scoring for the Utah Jazz.

    Along side Al Jefferson they will get their opportunities to score and need to take advantage of them.

    Derrick Favors is a very explosive scorer. He threw down some amazing dunks in his first year in the  league.

    He is able get to the rim with that explosiveness and get some easy shots. He is very strong and able to withstand contact from the defender.

    We have discussed his need for improvement with outside shooting. He did not have many opportunities at the free throw line last year, but he does need to make a higher percentage of his shots from the charity stripe.

    Enes Kanter is not as explosive as Favors, but he has a soft touch that Favors lacks. Kanter has a soft touch around the rim and a finesse that gives him more ability to create his own shot.

    He also has a good outside shot and shoots free throws well. His overall finesse and shooting ability put him above Favors on this one.

    Winner: Enes Kanter


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    If we add the winner of each of the previous slides together, we end in a tie. Each player won in three categories.

    Each player excels at different aspects of the game.

    Derrick Favors is a better defender. He plays tougher and brings an intense attitude to the game. He is a good scorer that needs to improve his shooting.

    Enes Kanter is a better offensive player. He can shoot the outside shot and score from all over the court. His defensive skills are very raw and need to improve.

    Both players are going to be major contributors to the success of the Utah Jazz in the future. I expect to see Derrick Favors in the starting lineup before Kanter.

    If both players live up to their full potential, the Jazz are in good hands in coming years.