OJ Mayo vs. Tony Allen: Who Should Be Memphis Grizzlies Starting Shooting Guard?

Zachary CohenContributor IIIOctober 4, 2011

OJ Mayo vs. Tony Allen: Who Should Be Memphis Grizzlies Starting Shooting Guard?

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    If the Memphis Grizzlies decide to extend O.J. Mayo's deal whenever the NBA lockout ends (neither of which is likely at the moment), head coach Lionel Hollins will be faced with a tough decision. 

    That decision is who he should start at the shooting guard position for his basketball team. Mayo is the bigger shooting guard name between himself and Tony Allen, but who is the better player for the Grizzlies starting lineup? Continue reading to find out. 

Experience: Advantage, Tony Allen

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    One advantage Tony Allen has over O.J. Mayo is experience. Allen was a major contributor on the Boston Celtics before he came over to Memphis and that means he knows how to play winning basketball. 

    Allen can bring a young Memphis team a sense of leadership that it desperately needs. He did that last season and got Memphis rolling at the right time. Unlike Kendrick Perkins who allegedly tells Russell Westbrook he can't be as good as Rondo as a playmaker, Tony Allen tells Mike Conley Jr. that he just might be as good. 

    He pushes the right buttons in terms of getting teams to play hard and play winning basketball. 

Scoring: Advantage, O.J. Mayo

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    O.J. Mayo has proven to be able to do one thing very well in the National Basketball Association: Scoring the ball. 

    Mayo has the ability to stun opposing defenses on any given night. He is a very good shooter and get surprise you with his driving ability at times. 

    One problem with O.J., however,  is he has no filter on the court. He will often take very bad shots on the court and that is a reason he isn't the named starter already. 

Higher Ceiling: Advantage, O.J. Mayo

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    High Ceiling

    Another thing that Tony Allen doesn't have, that O.J. Mayo does, is a high ceiling. Mayo has tons of potential and that has been evident since Mayo was in middle school. 

    If Mayo could finally tap into that potential, he could be a star in the NBA. He has all of the tools. Mayo is a good scorer and a good defender, but he rarely uses his brain on the court and that's the problem. 

    Tony Allen is a role player, but a very good one. Mayo is the same for now, but he could be a lot more. 

Defense: Advantage, Tony Allen

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    O.J. Mayo is a very good defender. Tony Allen is on a whole other level however. 

    Allen is one of the best defenders in the NBA and he is capable of shutting down the other team's best scoring guard on any night. 

    The Grizzlies have players capable of scoring and that's what makes Allen's defense so valuable. 

The Verdict: Tony Allen

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    Tony Allen

    This is not me saying that Tony Allen is a better player than O.J. Mayo is, but he is a better fit in the starting lineup. The Grizzlies already have scorers like Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph; therefore, O.J.'s offense isn't a necessity. 

    With Conley's semi-weak defensive skills, Allen is a great balance to have in the roster. He hustles every play and always keeps his other teammates focused on the prize. 

    Meanwhile, Mayo is a great option to have off the bench as well. Every team in this era of basketball has a good scoring 6th man and O.J. could be one of the best if he accepted his role.