1. Allen Gets First Flopping Warning of NBA Season

  2. Watch: Allen Yells at LeBron After Knocking Ball Away

  3. Aging, Twitter-God Tony Allen and Dipset Pillows: Grizzlies Season Preview

  4. Herrington: Who Should Grizzlies Start on the Wing?

  5. #FirstTeamAllDefense @aa000g9

  6. Tony Allen starting. is Festus Ezeli going to "guard" him to start out?

  7. Warriors packing the paint. Barnes not guarding Tony Allen at all. Allen airballs a 3. Curry nails his

  8. Tony Allen Still Has Offensive Value for Memphis

  9. 'Grindfather' Allen Starring in Airport Ads

  10. Allen Wants to Play 5 More Years, All in Memphis

  11. . @aa000G9 for three! #MEM: 72 #SAC: 61 | 3:29 3Q https://t.co/OZ0rgTqhjY

  12. Replay: TONY ALLEN MADE A THREE! https://t.co/b72loSv9eJ https://t.co/LgiHoL6p9H

  13. #BTS Pics from @aa000G9's Commercial Shoot w/ @FlyMemphis #FirstTeamMEM #BetterMEM https://t.co/FsdVp3PoH2

  14. Allen: Bogut Strategy Worked Because I Was Hurt

  15. Grizzlies - including Tony 'Twitter King' Allen - fire back! https://t.co/YQzU87Mucu https://t.co/hrstLGhSxR

  16. CLee made that 3, but why was Tony Allen standing directly next to him there? #spacing

  17. Tony Allen got a T, presumably for grinding on the official's nerves.

  18. Tony Allen is everywhere, but he can't actually seem to put the ball in the basket

  19. you wanna treat this like a playoff game you have to win? put Tony Allen in for Jeff Green

  20. Jeff Green pull-ups aren't much less frustrating than any Tony Allen jumper

  21. . @aa000G9 #GrindFather

  22. Redick fouled by Tony Allen on a 3 -- chance to ice this game from the line.

  23. Tony "3 Shot Foul" Allen

  24. . @aa000G9 w/ the @FirstTennessee #Grizzlies 1st basket of the game... #FirstTeam

  25. . @aa000G9 for three! #Grizz up 7-6

  26. . @aa000G9 not only #FirstTeamAllDefense. Has all of #Grizz 7 pts

  27. The Grizzlies are winning 7-6. Tony Allen has 7 points. I think someone spiked my cucumber water

  28. Tony Allen, who has seven of the Grizzlies' nine points, subbed himself out of the game.

  29. First half points: Steph Curry - 9 Tony Allen - 9 I can retire now.

  30. #Grizzlies trail the #Warriors 63-74 heading into the 4th. Tony Allen has 11pts 4reb. #Grizz shooting 31% https://t.co/OECY9o6DPa

  31. Joerger says the emphasis on Matt Barnes tonight was so he could play Klay Thompson when Tony Allen wasn't on him.

  32. Nights like these I often poke fun at strong safety Tony Allen for his inept offense. But hat tip for 5-for-7 when Conley/Lee go 2-for-19.

  33. Forget defenses ignoring CLee and Tony Allen--Gasol, Conley, and Randolph ignored them on that last possession.

  34. Tony Allen is the worst kind of 0-for-5

  35. After a head-scratching foul by Tony Allen, CJ McCollum makes 2 FTs. 53.0 seconds left. Blazers within 97-95.

  36. Tony Allen with a very dumb foul on CJ with almost no time running off the clock. Mem up 2. Can Portland force ball out of Gasol's hands?

  37. And Tony Allen has started for good teams. https://t.co/7aubpFBPMg

  38. Fun with sample size: Tony Allen’s net rating on the second night of a back to back? +11. A day of rest? -7.6. (-4.4 for the season so far.)

  39. Answer: @aa000G9's #GrizzKicks! Well Done #GrizzNation https://t.co/Zxv8hw5aEn

  40. Tony Allen misses layup, Earth continues rotating, tides turn gently, gently away #constants

  41. Jeff Green's starting to mess up Gasol assists worse than Tony Allen.

  42. Tony Allen's 1-year-old is already dunking and declaring himself 1st team! https://t.co/f8MvqPDDzB https://t.co/aiPqSRQm4h

  43. The Friday Three: Patience is a Virtue, Super Mario's Reign, Tony Allen's Troubles https://t.co/whH9M5Ku6E https://t.co/VnpJ6wtgbX

  44. Get your @aa000G9 poster at #MEMvHOU from @GrizzClawCrew at sec. 225 (while supplies last) https://t.co/1vIWJ4ZiqA