6 Signs Derrick Rose Is Already on a Basketball Hall-of-Fame Career Path

Michael Gibbons@DachicagofanCorrespondent IISeptember 21, 2011

6 Signs Derrick Rose Is Already on a Basketball Hall-of-Fame Career Path

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    It's hard to say that someone so early on in his career is already on his way to have a Hall of Fame career. However, once I started doing some research for this article, it became much easier.

    Derrick Rose is only 22 and has already been in the league three seasons. If he had stayed in school for four years, like Tim Duncan did, he would be entering his first NBA season instead of his fourth.

    And I am here to tell you that Derrick Rose, barring injury, is well on his way to having a Hall of Fame career, just by looking at what he's already accomplished.  Some of the stats and things I will bring up may shock you, but trust me, they are backed up by some very good research.

First Overall Pick

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    Being the first overall pick doesn't mean that someone is going to be a Hall of Famer, but it sure doesn't hurt.

    For every player like Kwame Brown or Michael Olowokandi, there is a David Robinson or Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

    The NBA started the draft in 1947, and, for purposes of this article, I am going to look at the first 40 years since more recent players might not even be eligible for the hall of fame yet.

    Out of the 40 first overall picks from 1947-1987, thirteen of them have been elected into the Hall of Fame. Or, 32.5 percent of all players drafted first overall make it to the Hall of Fame.

Rookie of the Year

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    Much like being the first pick in the draft doesn't ensure that you will be a Hall of Fame player, winning Rookie of the Year doesn't either.  But it does improve your odds.

    The NBA started giving out the Rookie of the Year award during the 1952-1953 season, and, for purposes of this piece, I will stick with the 40-year range again.

    From the beginning of the 1952 and the end of the 1993 season, 21 out of 40 got the call from the Hall, and, if you want, we can actually say 22, or 23, because we know Shaq will be getting the call soon enough, as will Larry Johnson more likely than not. Remember, this is not the NBA Hall of Fame. It is all Basketball Hall of Fame, so college careers and post-playing careers are included.

    I'm going to stick with 23 Rookie of the Year winners have made it to the Hall, which is good enough for 57.5 percent. Want a better stat?

    Nine (including Shaq) first overall picks have won the Rookie of the Year award, and of that nine, do you want to guess how many are Hall of Famers?

    Seven, which is good enough for 77 percent. Notice how these numbers just keep going up?

Improving Yearly

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    Like a fine wine, Derrick Rose only gets better with age.

    Every season Derrick Rose has improved some aspect of his game.

    His scoring has risen every year from 16.8, to 20.8, to 25 points per game, and each season his numbers get better in the playoffs.

    His assists have gone up from 6.3 his rookie year to 7.7 this past season, which he was actually able to maintain during the Bulls' 16-game playoff run.

    He has also improved both his free throw and 3-point percentage. His rookie season he shot 78.8 percent from the charity stripe and increased that to over 85 percent this past season. From beyond the arc, he has improved  11 percent from 22.2 to 33.2 percent.

    All this and he is nowhere near a finished project. He can still improve his defense as well as his ball handling and turnover rate.  But is there any doubt that he will come in as a better player then what we saw last season?


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    Derrick Rose is a winner.

    He won in high school.  In his one and only year at Memphis, he made it to the championship game.  So far in his NBA career, he has made the playoffs all three seasons.  And he helped Team USA to the gold medal in the World Championships.

    He hates losing so much that he will continue to work harder and get better to ensure he won't lose. Perfect example was last year whenever they lost to a team early in the season and he played poorly, watch out. Rose was almost guaranteed to have a big game the next time he faced that team.

    That is the type of thing that helps you get a call from the Hall.


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    As I said before, Derrick Rose will be 23 once the NBA season kicks off.  And look at all he's accomplished already:

    -The first overall pick

    -Won rookie of the year

    - Two-time NBA All Star

    -2009 skills competition winner

    -Gold in the world championships


    -All-Rookie team

    -2011 Al-NBA Team

    Just imagine what he will accomplish by the time he is 30. Time is on his side to only improve his résumé.


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    You still don't believe?

    You still don't think Derrick Rose is on his way to the Hall of Fame once his career is over? Well, here is the final point that needs to be made.

    In case you couldn't guess, I like math.  So here is the final use of math to prove my point

    Every MVP from 1955-1999 has made it to the Hall of Fame.  And the guys who were named MVP after 1999 will probably get the call down the road.

    Those who haven't made it in the Hall yet are still active or recently retired, like Shaq. The rest are Lebron, Duncan, Nash, Kobe, Dirk, Garnett and Iverson.