Comparing Sports Figures to the "Entourage"

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Comparing Sports Figures to the
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Quick. Name the only show besides SportsCenter that could fit Drew Brees, Marc Cuban and Minka Kelly into the same half-hour. Sorry PTI. 

Now even quicker. Tell me the only show that could transform the three most miscellaneous big name actors into cult phenomenons. You're welcome Bob Saget, Seth Green and Gary Busey.

If you can catch your breath, tell me the only time you've ever seen the best actor of our generation and the best athlete of our generation on the same screen pursuing the same venture. Thanks Vince, it's for the kids.

If you answered Entourage, Entourage, and on an episode of Entourage, you aced the pop-culture portion of this final exam. Because of Entourage, the show that put Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg in the same golf foursome, is ending tonight after eight scintillating, celebrity-rich seasons. 

The show has always struck a jugular nerve among celebrities who understand the rip-roaring, often reckless lifestyle. 

No group has been struck harder than professional athletes, who've formed a cameo waiting list longer than Green Bay Packers season ticket hopefuls have. What makes them so attracted? 

Maybe it's the old "actors want to be athletes," "athletes want to be actors" dynamic that binds our premier entertainers through mutual respect. 

Maybe it's because through it all, Entourage reminded us that even the richest, most famous people are nothing without the friends who keep them grounded. 

Maybe the buddy-buddy, locker-room style banter defines the show.

Or maybe it's because Entourage is just plain cool.

And there's not a single friend group on the male planet that hasn't likened themselves to Vince and the boys. Those comparisons begin and end by deciding which friend is most like which character. So since every sports figure would give up an arm and a signing bonus just to make a 30 second cameo, which ones are actually similar enough to play the roles themselves.

Let's play that male bonding game with sports figures. If these guys were actually friends, they'd have a much stronger case than you and your three delinquent buddies.  

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