The NBA 2K All-Stars: 10 Players Who Haven't Fulfilled Their Athletic Potential

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The NBA 2K All-Stars: 10 Players Who Haven't Fulfilled Their Athletic Potential
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Sports video games have come a long way in the past couple of decades. In a short 17 years, we went from Tecmo Basketball to, well...this.

It's difficult to pick apart a game that is aesthetically beautiful, but every experienced gamer knows that the line between reality and virtual reality still exists. In a video game, the person holding the controller is making all the decisions—when to pass, when to shoot and when to rotate defensively. Basketball IQ and temperament—normally qualities that separate the elite players from the mediocre—are rendered more or less irrelevant on the virtual court.

The NBA 2K All-Stars are a group of current NBA players who excel on your Xbox, but haven't put it all together in real life. They are players who are blessed with extreme athleticism, length, shooting ability and speed, but lack the basketball IQ and temperament to succeed in the real league.

They're the guys who frustrate you because you know how good they should be, but it doesn't seem like they'll ever get there.

Being on the NBA 2K All-Stars doesn't necessarily mean you'll stay there forever, though. Just last year, both DeAndre Jordan and Michael Beasley graduated from the team, and became viable NBA players.

The clock may not have run out on them yet, but if these 10 don't start taking advantage of their tools soon, then NBA 2K12 might be the highlight of their careers. At least they have that, right?

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